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Army Vet Can't Hang Jacket in First-Class Closet

US Airways apologizes after passengers slam treatment on flight

(Newser) - US Airways is trying to contain a PR mess over what passengers on a flight saw as a flagrant insult to an Army vet. As WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC, reports, it started simply enough when First Sgt. Albert Marle asked a flight attendant if he could hang his heavily decorated... More »

Barred From Plane, Violinist Plays Bach on Tarmac

Zach De Pue gets revenge in perfect fashion

(Newser) - When US Airways wouldn't let a classically trained violinist bring his violin aboard a plane, he responded in appropriate fashion: He played Bach on the tarmac in protest. More precisely, Zach de Pue of the trio Times for Three played Bach's Prelude from the Sonata in E Major... More »

Pilot Plunges Plane 600 Feet to Avoid Head-on Collision

United plane had 295 onboard

(Newser) - It could have been the deadliest plane crash in the world to date, but thankfully, one pilot's quick reflexes saved the lives of hundreds of passengers on two planes that were headed straight toward each other. Last month, a United plane with 295 people onboard was cruising at 33,... More »

Loads of Kids Now Tweeting Fake Bomb Threats to Airline

And other airline-related Twitter woes

(Newser) - Thanks to the 14-year-old Dutch girl arrested after tweeting a fake terrorism threat to American Airlines, fake Twitter threats are apparently now a thing. The Washington Post reports that dozens more teens (well, they're assumed to be teens, and many have usernames like "@ddlovatosteddy" and "@MileyFawLife")... More »

Plane's Nose Gear Collapses in Philly

All 149 passengers safe after airport emergency

(Newser) - All 149 passengers and five crew members are safe but shaken after a terrifying aborted takeoff at Philadelphia International Airport last night. Airline officials say the pilot of US Airways 1702, which was destined for Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was forced to abort takeoff when a tire blew out and the... More »

Passengers Save Baby Who Stopped Breathing on Plane

One happened to be a CPR instructor

(Newser) - A little relief from all the depressing air-travel news this week: Two passengers helped save the life of a baby who had stopped breathing aboard a US Airways flight, reports KTVK . According to others on the flight from Tampa to Phoenix, the drama began when a woman began screaming that... More »

Fliers Rebel After Blind Man, Dog Booted Off Flight

All passengers walk off US Airways flight

(Newser) - An amazing show of solidarity on a US Airways Express flight Wednesday night: After a flight attendant made a blind man and his guide dog exit the plane, all the other passengers exited with them in protest. The flight attendant was upset because the guide dog, Doxy, wouldn't stay... More »

Flier Won't Get Off Phone, Is Dragged Off Plane

Lindsay Bien-aime allegedy kicks deputy in the groin in the process

(Newser) - Another attempt to stay on the phone during takeoff did not end well for an airplane passenger Sunday. Lindsay Bien-aime allegedly refused to comply with multiple orders from the US Airways crew on the Fort Lauderdale-Charlotte flight to end her conversation, so the plane was forced to stop taxiing to... More »

Judge Balks at CEO Payout in American Airlines Merger

He approves deal but won't sign off on $20M severance

(Newser) - A bankruptcy judge today signed off on a proposed merger between American Airlines and US Airways that would create the world's biggest airline, but he's not quite ready to approve a fat severance package for outgoing American CEO Tom Horton, reports the Wall Street Journal . The two companies... More »

French Guy Poses as Pilot, Makes It to Cockpit

Based solely on his ... Air France T-shirt?

(Newser) - Apparently Philippe Jernnard thought that donning an Air France shirt and a leather jacket with epaulets on its shoulders would be enough to let him pass as a pilot. Alas, it was not, but it did get him all the way to the cockpit of a US Airways flight before... More »

American, US Air Close In on Merger

New firm would be world's biggest airline

(Newser) - The world could soon have a new biggest airline. American Airlines' parent AMR and US Airways are ironing out a merger that would surpass national leader United Continental in traffic, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal . The merger, part of American's path out of bankruptcy, could create a firm... More »

Ex-Lover's Bomb Hoax Forced Plane U-Turn: Cops

Let's just say Christopher Shell did not have a happy birthday

(Newser) - An apparently bitter ex-girlfriend is to blame for the US Airways flight that was forced to make an emergency turnaround after taking off from Philadelphia yesterday after she cooked up a bomb threat, law enforcement authorities report. A man called on her behalf to report that the woman's former... More »

Birthday Prank Gets Flight Diverted

Happy 29th, Christopher Shell

(Newser) - A seriously ill-advised birthday prank may have resulted in a US Airways flight being diverted this morning. The flight took off for Dallas from Philadelphia but was diverted back to Philadelphia, where it was parked in a remote area of the airport and a man was taken off the plane... More »

FAA Fire, Storms Snarl Travel in Northeast

Delays, cancellations could continue through the weekend

(Newser) - Storms around the Northeast and a fire in a FAA technical center in New Jersey combined to create some brutal travel chaos yesterday, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution . Delta canceled 321 flights in and out of New York alone, US Airways had 46 mainline and more than 200 Express flight cancellations... More »

Woman's Claim of Implanted Device Diverts Plane

Authorities say there was never a threat to safety

(Newser) - A US Airways flight from Paris to North Carolina was diverted to Maine after a woman claimed to have a device implanted in her body. Authorities have since determined that she posed "basically no threat," but the flight was halted "out of an abundance of caution,"... More »

'Disoriented' Flier Forces Emergency Landing

Passenger arrested after trying to open cabin door mid-flight

(Newser) - A flight from Portland, Maine, to Philadelphia was forced to make an emergency landing at Boston's Logan airport yesterday after a disoriented passenger apparently decided he wanted to get off in mid-air. The passenger, 40-year-old Michael Ensalaco of North Carolina, walked to an emergency door and tried to open... More »

US Airways Takes First Step Toward American Merger

Reaches deal with three labor unions

(Newser) - US Airways has taken a big step in its plan to merge with bankrupt American Airlines, it announced today by filing a form with the SEC. A letter to US Airways employees from the CEO explains that to win a merger the company still needs the OK of American-parent AMR'... More »

US Airways Jet Makes Emergency Landing in NC

Pilot immediately turns around after 'loud noise'

(Newser) - A "loud and unsettling noise" convinced a US Airways pilot to turn around and make an emergency landing just after takeoff in North Carolina yesterday. No one was hurt, and the 44 passengers en route from Charlotte to Charleston, West Virginia, were placed on other flights. Mechanics are seeking... More »

Top Carriers Weigh American Airlines Merger

US Airways, Delta in the running

(Newser) - Fellow airlines and a private-equity firm are considering buying American Airlines' parent company, which filed for bankruptcy just months ago . Though AMR has struggled in recent years—American hasn't turned a profit since 2007—its decades-old airline holds the No. 3 position among US carriers by traffic. A merger... More »

Passenger Has to Stand for 7-Hour Flight

... because of obese person next to him

(Newser) - Another dismal travel tale from the world of packed airplanes: A US Airways passenger flying from Anchorage to Philadelphia had to stand for nearly all of the seven-hour flight, reports the consumer advocacy blog . The problem? The airline booked a late-boarding passenger who weighed in the neighborhood of... More »

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