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Mexican Drug Gang Arrested Near Yellowstone

(Newser) - A multi-agency federal and local task force arrested eight members of the Mexcican Surenos gang in West Yellowstone and Bozeman Montana, the gateways to Yellowstone Park. The gang members were believed to be engaging in the distribution and sale of illegal drugs. Bozeman is 1200 miles from the nearest Mexican... More »

US Blocks Flight From Paris, Passenger Busted

Aero Mexico flight diverted to Montreal

(Newser) - A passenger wanted in the US was arrested after a flight from Paris en route to Mexico was denied access to American airspace and diverted to Canada. The Aero Mexico flight landed in Montreal, where the man was removed and placed under arrest. The remaining passengers were re-screened and allowed... More »

Calderón Slams Arizona Law; Mexico Issues Travel Advisory

Immigration law creates adverse atmosphere for Mexicans

(Newser) - Arizona's tough new immigration law isn't winning friends across the border: Mexican president Felipe Calderón slammed the law in a speech last night, saying it "opens the door to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement." And Mexico issued a travel advisory, warning citizens it's no... More »

Mexico Overhauls Justice System

Calderon signs sweeping reforms

(Newser) - Sweeping reforms of Mexico's criminal justice system were signed into law by President Felipe Calderon yesterday. US-style public trials and presumption of innocence will replace Mexico's slow, closed-door system that proceeds almost exclusively through briefs, reports the Washington Post. The reforms also give investigators power to hold suspects 80 days... More »

4 Stories