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Tsvangirai: Save Yourselves, Vote Mugabe

Sham election gets underway today

(Newser) - As Zimbabwe's sham run-off election for president began to get underway, even opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai urged supporters to vote for Robert Mugabe to save themselves from the violent intimidation orchestrated by the government, the Guardian reports. Mugabe's militia has conducted a terror campaign of murder, abduction, imprisonment and rape... More »

Despite Mugabe, Democracy Is Gaining in Zimbabwe

Number of 'free' sub-Saharan nations up; grass-roots efforts continue

(Newser) - Undemocratic though the situation might seem, the fact that the opposition has forced a presidential run-off in Zimbabwe is a sign of democracy's spread in sub-Saharan Africa, the Wall Street Journal reports, where the number of "free" countries has reached 11 of 48, up from 3 in 1977. "... More »

2 Stories