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After 15 Years, L'Eggs Ads Return to TV

Can new styles (and Duchess of Cambridge) revive fading fashion?

(Newser) - Pantyhose sales have been sagging badly for years now, thanks to more casual fashions, open-toed shoes, and changing tastes. Even First Lady Michelle Obama refuses to wear them anymore . But now that the decline has "somewhat stabilized," in the words of one retail analyst, and the latest fashion... More »

Kate Is Saving the Nude Stocking

Sheer hose getting a big royal endorsement

(Newser) - Long ostracized by the fashion world and free-thinking feminists, there may be hope remaining for the nude stocking, and it’s all thanks to the former Kate Middleton, the Boston Globe reports. Closely-watched for her intelligent fashion sense, the only hang-up fashionistas have about the otherwise gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge... More »

Michelle Gets a Gig With a 'View'

Mrs. O swaps fist bumps with the girls, dishes on pantyhose, politics, Laura Bush

(Newser) - Michelle Obama started off her debut appearance on “The View” with a jab at the "terrorist fist jab" controversy, demanding of her co-hosts, "I have to be greeted properly. Fist bump please." Obama talked everything from politics to pantyhose—no, she doesn’t wear them—and... More »

3 Stories