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Britain's Art Collection Threatened by ... Road Salt

Record snowfall poses artistic danger

(Newser) - Britain's National Gallery is taking swift action against a corrosive force that threatens to damage masterworks by some of the world's greatest painters—road salt. With London blanketed with unusually heavy snowfall, authorities have spread tons of salt to clear the roads. But that salt, tracked in on the shoes... More »

Deface the Bible— Don't Worry; It's Art

Reactions mixed on gallery exhibit

(Newser) - An exhibit at Scotland’s Gallery of Modern Art intended to “reclaim the Bible as a sacred text” did not go entirely as planned, the Telegraph reports. Visitors were invited to “write your way back into” the Bible on display, and the resulting additions ranged from the angry—... More »

Stumbling Museum Visitor Smashes $12K Sculpture

Ceramic Costa Rican totem at summer exhibition shatters to floor

(Newser) - A 9-foot ceramic totem was smashed to smithereens after a visitor to London's Royal Academy lost her balance yesterday and tumbled into the work, the Guardian reports. The "Five Frauleins" in the work by a noted Costa Rican sculptor now number four. Museum officials are discussing the damage with... More »

Hirst Goes Straight to Auction

Artist eschews galleries and sells new work at Sotheby's

(Newser) - In recent years, art collectors and auction houses have been reaping the profits of soaring contemporary art prices, while living artists watched with chagrin. Now Damien Hirst has stepped into the fray, bypassing the gallery system and bringing his latest works straight to auction. "It’s a very democratic... More »

4 Stories