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NASCAR Fights Empty Seats With Luxury Suites

(Newser) - With more and more empty seats lining NASCAR races these days, many tracks have decided to slash prices—but not the Texas Motor Speedway. Instead, it’s decided to tear down 21,000 seats and replace them with Nascar’s unique version of the luxury suite: The luxury motor-coach compound.... More »

Goodbye, RV: Hello, Real Travel

Garrison Keillor applauds the death of his least favorite vehicle

(Newser) - With gas prices up and on the rise, your Winnebago may soon be stuck in park—but the fall of car culture's ugliest offender will force us to reconnect with better pastimes, writes Garrison Keillor in the Chicago Tribune. “Banjo sales will pick up,” Keillor writes. “The... More »

2 Stories