Typhoon Fenshen

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Philippine Ferry Likely a 'Mass Grave'

'Many' corpses found in sunken ship; officials face tricky recovery

(Newser) - Floating corpses discovered in a Philippines ferry sunk by a typhoon have stoked mounting fears that most of the 800 people on board were drowned, Reuters reports. “It will be a miracle if we find survivors,” said a coast guard spokesman. Searching for more bodies, authorities will drill... More »

700 Missing as Typhoon Sinks Philippines Ferry

85 others killed amid 'massive flooding

(Newser) - A Philippines passenger ferry sank in a typhoon, leaving at least four known dead and some 700 missing, Reuters reports. A rescue ship arrived at the scene to find none of the missing, AP reports, and only three people were found alive in various villages. Some of them may have... More »

2 Stories