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Is an Early Alzheimer's Diagnosis Worth It?

With no treatment available, it could cause unnecessary heartache

(Newser) - Advances in medical testing allow Alzheimer's disease to be diagnosed earlier than ever before—sometimes even before symptoms occur. But one man says that his wife's testing, which yielded a diagnosis at age 56, "was the biggest mistake of my life." Linda Dangaard is still the... More »

Cancer Med Works Wonders Against Alzheimer's in Mice

Bexarotene removes plaque built up on brain

(Newser) - Scientists were "shocked and amazed" at the effects of a common cancer drug in battling Alzheimer's in mice. The disease causes a buildup of plaque in the brain—but just hours after mice received bexarotene, the plaque began to disappear and the mice got smarter, AFP reports. The... More »

Soy Goo May Fight Alzheimer's

Enzyme in fermented beans attacks brain plaques

(Newser) - The good news: There may be a natural way to treat Alzheimer's disease. The bad news: It's kind of gross. A recent study found that natto, the stinky and slimy soybean product featured in some Japanese dishes, contains an enzyme that can shred the type of brain plaque that causes... More »

Study IDs Plaque Linked to Alzheimer's

Scientist uncover key clue to cause of illness

(Newser) - Researchers have triggered Alzheimer's disease in rats by injecting them with a particular type of sticky plaque found in the brains of human dementia patients, AP reports. Only one of three different types of plaques found in elderly brains sparked the disease—compelling evidence that scientists may have narrowed down... More »

4 Stories