Ted Stevens

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Murkowski Airs Ted Stevens Endorsement

Campaign ad was filmed just days before he died

(Newser) - Not sure Joe Miller is going to be able to top this one: In the waning days of her hotly contested and bizarre Senate race, Lisa Murkowski has pulled out an endorsement from Alaskan political heavyweight and dead man Ted Stevens, reports the Anchorage Daily News. Filmed just days before... More »

It's Tough to Be Conservative Enough in 2010

Bob Dole, Gerald Ford, and more wouldn't be: Dana Milkbank

(Newser) - When Dana Milbank had the temerity to call Lisa Murkowski and Bob Bennett “faithful conservatives,” readers let him have it. These weren’t conservatives, they argued—just look at their American Conservative Union scores! So Milbank did. “What I found was astonishing,” he writes in the... More »

Photos Released From Stevens Crash as Survivors Speak

'They just stopped flying'

(Newser) - The National Transportation Safety Board yesterday released photos from the site of the crash that killed former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens and four others, as investigators spoke with two of the four survivors. According to the chair of the NTSB, they did not report hearing weird noises, nor did they... More »

The Horrific Scene of the Stevens Crash

Survivors lay in mangled wreckage as chilled rain fell

(Newser) - When Ted Stevens and his companions left their lodge, they thought they were headed for a quick trip to a salmon fishing camp. When they hadn’t arrived hours later, the lodge sent out search planes, who quickly found a horrific scene, the AP reports. The nose of the plane... More »

Ted Stevens Dead in Alaska Plane Crash: Report

Former senator among 5 killed in remote western Alaska

(Newser) - Ted Stevens was among the five people killed in a plane crash last night in remote western Alaska, a former aide to the ex-US senator tells KTUU in Anchorage . Former NASA administrator Sean O'Keefe was also believed to be among the nine people on the aircraft, but his fate is... More »

Stevens Turned Down Plea Deal

And then he got convicted! Bet he feels dumb...

(Newser) - Sen. Ted Stevens rejected a plea bargain that would have kept him out of prison, according to newly released transcripts. In a July 31 conference, Stevens’ attorney, Brendan Sullivan, said prosecutors had offered to keep Stevens out of jail in exchange for one felony plea, but that Stevens had turned... More »

In Stevens Case, Justice Was Served After All

Ruling in court of public opinion trumps court of law's dismissal

(Newser) - Ted Stevens and his lawyers were awfully indignant yesterday for a crew that had just won. “You’d think there would be jubilation,” said Stevens’ attorney. Instead, “it was revulsion, revulsion turned to anger,” Brendan Sullivan raged. Stevens himself lamented that “consequences…can never be... More »

Judge Nixes Stevens Conviction, Targets Feds

Vows prosecutors will face contempt charges

(Newser) - A Washington judge officially set aside Ted Stevens' conviction today, and vowed to pursue criminal contempt charges against the Justice Department prosecutors who bungled the case against the former senator, Politico reports. Emmet Sullivan berated prosecutors for withholding potentially crucial evidence: “In 25 years on the bench, I have... More »

Alaska GOP Calls for Senate Race Do-Over

Palin, party leader say Stevens would have won without felony raps

(Newser) - The head of Alaska's Republican Party is calling for Democratic Sen. Mark Begich to step down and clear the way for a new election now that felony misconduct charges have been dropped against former Sen. Ted Stevens, reports the Anchorage Daily News. Stevens would not have lost in November if... More »

Stevens Not Likely to Recover Legacy

Senator unlikely to restore reputation

(Newser) - Legally, Ted Stevens is off the hook. But it's unlikely he'll be able to regain his stature, or the Senate honors he might otherwise have been afforded, Laurie Kellman writes for the AP. His peers were notably restrained in response to yesterday's news that Justice is likely to void the... More »

Justice to Void Conviction of Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens

(Newser) - Attorney General Eric Holder intends to drop all charges against Ted Stevens, Justice Department officials tell NPR. Sentencing for Stevens, convicted of failing to disclose gifts from constituents, has been delayed for months as the judge berated the Justice Department for prosecutorial misconduct, including withholding evidence from the defense. Given... More »

DOJ Pulls Prosecutors Off Stevens Case

Judge finds lawyers in contempt for withholding documents

(Newser) - The Justice Department has yanked the team that prosecuted Ted Stevens off any future action in the case, Politico reports, after the judge found four of the lawyers—including chief prosecutor Brenda Morris—in contempt. Morris and company raised the judge’s ire by withholding documents related to FBI agent... More »

Agent, Witness in Stevens Case Had a Fling, Defense Says

Ted's team wants new trial over secret-sharing

(Newser) - Lawyers for former Sen. Ted Stevens say the head FBI agent in his corruption case got a little too cozy with a key witness against Stevens, Politico reports. The defense lawyers cite an FBI whistleblower's memo that “strongly suggests that the inappropriate relationship” between the agent and an oilman... More »

Sen. Murkowski Asked Bush for Stevens Pardon

Friends say former senator would rather clear name through courts anyway

(Newser) - Sen. Lisa Murkowski asked President Bush to pardon former Alaska Republican colleague Ted Stevens, the Anchorage Daily News reports. But Stevens would rather fight his corruption conviction in court, friends say, because he felt a pardon would taint his legacy. Murkowski wrote that she did not want to see Stevens,... More »

FBI Agent Got Cozy With Sources in Stevens Probe

Agent wore skirt in court to please source; others gave her husband a job, painting of dog

(Newser) - New details emerged yesterday in an ethics complaint against an FBI investigator in the corruption probe that took down former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, the Anchorage Daily News reports, including allegations the female agent wore a skirt in court to please a source. Mary Beth Kepner is also alleged to... More »

Politicians We'll Miss in 2009

Cheney's delightful brand of unrepentant evil simply unequaled

(Newser) - The election is over, a political era is ending, and a number of this year's frequent headline-makers will step out of the spotlight in 2009. Politico gets misty-eyed about its favorites:
  • Dick Cheney: Who else would tell a senior senator to “go f*** himself”? Who else, when asked
... More »

Sans Stevens, Lobbyists Down a Sugar Daddy

Hard times fall on careers that hinged on access to Ted

(Newser) - Some Alaskans make a living off of oil piped from the Arctic. Others, for years, have made it off of federal money, piped from DC by former Sen. Ted Stevens. But with Uncle Ted's downfall, lobbyists who traded on their access to him face disaster, the New York Times reports.... More »

Stevens Won't Rule Out Pursuing Prez Pardon

Convicted senator may seek clemency from Bush

(Newser) - Even as Ted Stevens appeals of his seven-count felony conviction, the disgraced senator isn't ruling outthe possibility of seeking a pardon from President Bush, the Anchorage Daily News reports. "If I were counsel to him, I would encourage him," says Alaska's former US attorney, a Stevens supporter. "... More »

Stevens Yields the Floor a Last Time

Alaska Republican closes 'privileged' 40-year tenure

(Newser) - Ted Stevens said goodbye to colleagues in the US Senate today, ending a 40-year career after losing his Alaska re-election bid and being convicted on corruption charges, the Anchorage Daily News reports. “I really must pinch myself to fully understand that I’m privileged to speak on the floor... More »

Stevens Concedes, Won't Seek Recount

Longest-serving GOP senator makes no mention of corruption conviction

(Newser) - Republican Ted Stevens conceded the Alaska Senate race today, bringing an end to a 40-year political career that culminated in scandal, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Stevens congratulated his Democratic opponent, Mark Begich, apparently deciding that a recount would be futile given his deficit of more than 3,700 votes. More »

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