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Is Pot Addictive? Critics, Fans Fight Over Data

(Newser) - Advocates and critics of marijuana are wielding scientific data as the debate over legalization becomes one about addiction, the New York Times reports. "Science really has proven, if anything, that cannabis is likely one of the safest substances we can interact with,” says one marijuana legal reformer. But... More »

This Ain't Your Dad's Weed: Pot Potency Jumps

THC concentration has been climbing for decades

(Newser) - Marijuana’s average potency, as measured by the concentration of psychoactive component THC, has broken 10% for the first time after decades of steady increase, a government report says—and is expected to keep increasing, CNN notes. Potency will likely plateau at some 15% in the next 5-10 years, though... More »

Guinness' Booming Market: Nigeria

(Newser) - Guinness may be synonymous with Ireland, but Nigerians down more of the stuff than the Emerald Isle, GlobalPost reports. Nigerians also out-Guinness the US—their country is second only to the UK in its consumption of the beer and is home to the first Guinness brewery outside the British Isles.... More »

Stronger Weed Ignites Controversy

As potency grows, so does dispute over whether drug is harmful

(Newser) - Marijuana is getting stronger, but what exactly that means is open to interpretation. The Boston Globe looks at a dispute with clearly drawn sides but fuzzier facts. Is pot addictive and highly hazardous, or no more harmful than caffeine and perhaps medically beneficial? With minimal research to draw on, experts... More »

4 Stories