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Palin Reconsiders, Lets Press Tag Along at UN Meetings

VP originally allowed only photographers, TV crew at sessions with world leaders

(Newser) - Sarah Palin gave in to protests from reporters today and allowed them to observe meetings with world leaders at the United Nations, the AP reports; her staff had earlier said only photographers and a TV crew would be invited to sessions with Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai and Columbia's Alvaro Uribe. A... More »

Ignored Campaign Press Corps Gets Lonely

Candidates prefer national cable interviews

(Newser) - Technology and stricter press discipline have shut out campaign reporters, whose narratives traditionally formed Americans’ impressions of the candidates, Politico reports. John McCain hasn’t spoken to the press corps aboard Straight Talk Air in 5 weeks, and Barack Obama will only chat with on-the-plane reporters off the record—yet... More »

Journos Should Skip RNC, DNC

Conventions merely 'infomercials' for parties, junkets for reporters

(Newser) - The press should quit covering the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, argues Jack Shafer in Slate. Little more than a four-day “infomercial” for the host party,  each would be better covered by “sportscasters like Bob Costas,” who “know how to make a game with a... More »

Love Affair Between Press, Obama Is On the Rocks

Resentment gr

(Newser) - Might the much ballyhooed love affair between the press and Barack Obama be coming to an end? Republicans watching coverage of his Europe trip would scoff, but Gabriel Sherman writes in the New Republic of a growing resentment between reporters on the trail and a campaign staff seen as more... More »

McCain Video Mocks Media Coverage of Obama

Montage offers snippets of glowing coverage

(Newser) - The McCain campaign debuted an Internet video today it says documents the press corps’ one-sided swoon over Barack Obama, ABC News reports. Set to music, the video features on-air personalities—MSNBC's Chris Matthews is among those featured prominently—offering adoring sentiments about Obama. It also airs Democratic-primary complaints from top... More »

Hold Those Horses: Obama Is Unchanged on Iraq

The public and the press are utterly unable to cope with nuance

(Newser) - Barack Obama is the same man on Iraq he was 6 months ago and 2 years ago, the New Republic editors say—so how come the press keeps saying he’s gutted his own policy? Sure, Obama recently “shifted the accent in his Iraq talk,” but talking with... More »

Women Scarce on the Trail

Reporter finds herself the only female in the room

(Newser) - John McCain's press corps boasted but a single woman today among its two dozen men: Elizabeth Holmes, who blogs about it in the Wall Street Journal. More women were in evidence  when Hillary Clinton was stumping, because she employed several herself, Holmes writes, but now few females are left to... More »

7 Stories