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3 Dead, 79 Hurt in China Terror Attack

President calls for 'decisive actions' against terrorists as Uighurs are blamed

(Newser) - It was a scene of terror at a railway station in the Chinese city of Urumqi last night. At least two bombs—believed to be inside some luggage—went off in the Xinjiang region's capital while a large group of knife-wielding attackers swarmed. "Some people were chopping others... More »

Missing Jet's Route Was Changed via Computer

As China launches land search

(Newser) - The first turn that took Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 off course was made through a computer system, not by manual operation of the plane's controls, reports the New York Times , citing "senior American officials" involved in the investigation. Officials say the "seven or eight keystroke" change was... More »

China: Knife Attack Was Our '9/11'

Blames Uighurs, vows to respond with 'iron fists'

(Newser) - China is blaming Uighur separatists for yesterday's knife rampage that left 33 people dead, and state media isn't exactly downplaying the attack, notes the LA Times , calling it "a typical terrorist attack and also a severe crime against humanity. It was China’s 9/11." With four... More »

5 Arrested in Tiananmen 'Terrorist' Attack

Names suggest all are Uighurs

(Newser) - Five people have been arrested in connection with what Chinese authorities are calling a "terrorist attack" in Tiananmen Square on Monday. The cops say the car that plowed into crowds and burst into flames, killing five, contained gasoline, knives, and a jihadist flag, reports Reuters . The man identified by... More »

Was Tiananmen Crash a Suicide Attack?

Death toll hits 5; police eye Xinjiang region

(Newser) - The death toll following yesterday's SUV crash in Tiananmen Square has climbed to five, with two tourists—a Chinese man and a Filipina woman—dead along with the vehicle's occupants. "It looks like a premeditated suicide attack," says a Reuters source. If so, it would be... More »

'Terrorist Attack' Strikes Troubled China Region

Knife, ax fight erupts in ethnically divided Xinjiang

(Newser) - A deadly confrontation in China's ethnically divided Xinjiang region has left 21 people dead, in what government officials are calling a "terrorist attack," Reuters reports. The Xinjiang government says the violence was sparked after community workers found a number of knives in the house of local Uighurs;... More »

2 Suspects Dead After Foiled China Hijacking

But Uighur rights group says it wasn't a hijacking at all

(Newser) - A pair of accused hijackers have died following a foiled attempt to take control of a plane in China's Xinjiang region, state media says. Six Uighur men were arrested Friday in the incident, in which suspects wielding explosives used a crutch to pummel the cockpit door. Four crew members... More »

Passengers, Crew Foil China Hijacking

Six suspects detained

(Newser) - A hijacking attempt on a Chinese plane was foiled today by passengers and crew just after departure, the AP reports, citing state media. The Tianjin Airlines plane had taken off from the remote city of Hotan in the restive far-western region of Xinjiang, and returned there safely 22 minutes later.... More »

China Sees Muslim Extremists in Xinjiang Unrest

But human rights groups doubt government story

(Newser) - Chinese authorities are blaming Muslim extremists with links to Pakistan for the burst of violence in the western region of Xinjiang that killed 11 people Sunday, reports Reuters . Leaders of this latest uprising in the restive region joined the so-called East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) while in Pakistan, says Beijing,... More »

Swiss Taking Gitmo Uighur Bros

Brothers detained since 2001 to be resettled in Alpine region

(Newser) - Two Chinese Uighur brothers will soon be swapping Guantanamo Bay for the Swiss Alps. Switzerland officials have decided to accept the men for resettlement on humanitarian grounds. Authorities believe that Bahtiyar and Arkin Mahmud pose no security risk and should be able to find jobs in their new homes in... More »

Obama: We Won't Make Gitmo Deadline

Pres tells Fox's Major Garrett prison will close after Jan 2010

(Newser) - Guantanamo Bay prison won't close by the January deadline he set when he took office, President Obama admitted today, but he still hopes to shut it next year. Obama is "not disappointed" in missing the deadline, he says in a FoxNews interview airing this morning, since closing the facility... More »

China Executes 9 Over Uighur Riots

Executed were convicted of murder during Xinjiang province unrest

(Newser) - Nine people convicted of murder and arson during July riots in China’s Xinjiang province were executed today. Chinese news services did not identify the executed, but previous statements suggest that they are Uighurs. The riots in Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang region, left 197 people dead as Uighurs... More »

Dozens 'Disappeared' After China Riots

Rights group: Uighurs vanished after being detained by police

(Newser) - Dozens of Uighur men and boys rounded up in the wake of the riots that shook China's Xinjiang province over the summer are missing, according to a reports from a human rights group. Interviews with families in Urumqi found evidence that 43 people had vanished since being taken away by... More »

Uighur Won't Leave Brother at Gitmo—So He's Staying

Neither is guilty, but one has no offer of resettlement

(Newser) - Bahtiyar Mahnut, a Chinese Uighur detainee at Guantanamo Bay, is guilty of no crime. In fact, he’s free to leave and even has an offer of sanctuary from the island nation of Palau, like all of his compatriots save one. And that one, his brother Arkin, is why he’... More »

9 Busted in China Syringe Attacks

Spate of random stabbings unsettle western Urumqi

(Newser) - Chinese authorities have arrested nine suspects in connection with the recent spate of syringe attacks in Urumqi, reports state media. Some 531 people had been stabbed with hypodermic needles in Urumqi, most but not all of whom were Han Chinese, according to police. The attacks had set off another round... More »

10 EU Countries, Others, in Deals to Take Gitmo Detainees

White House upbeat on 80 cleared for release

(Newser) - The White House, in talks ranging from Australia to Georgia, is making progress on its attempts to resettle Guantanamo Bay detainees, the Washington Post reports. Ten EU countries have agreed to take detainees; the US is negotiating with Saudi Arabia to accept Guantanamo's 98 Yemenis; and 11 detainees, including four... More »

Gitmo Uighurs Working at Bermuda Golf Course

(Newser) - Four Chinese Uighurs newly released from Gitmo probably never imagined this in their cramped cells: All are now working at a plush Bermuda golf course to help prepare it for the PGA Grand Slam in October. The four men began their jobs last week at the Port Royal course, Reuters... More »

Unrest Shines Light on Chinese Ethnic Fractures

'Monolithic myth' fades after riots

(Newser) - The government clings to the notion of a “harmonious” country, but China is home to 56 “official” ethnic groups and many unofficial divisions—which are widening as some push for “increased cultural nationalism and resistance to Beijing central control,” writes Dru Gladney in the Wall Street ... More »

China Closes Urumqi Mosques, Imposes Curfew

(Newser) - Chinese authorities forced mosques in Urumqi to stay closed today and reimposed a curfew in the restive western city, reports the BBC. The curfew was lifted after thousands of troops had seemed to restore order between Han Chinese and Uighur Muslims, who have battled in the worst ethnic violence China... More »

US Exile Is Voice of Uighurs

(Newser) - The crisis in China's Xinjiang province has given an activist living in America and the Uighur movement a rare moment in the spotlight, reports the New York Times. Rebiya Kadeer, 62, has been championing the rights of China's Muslim minority from a Washington office since 2005 when she came to... More »

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