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The 'Urban Death Project' Wants to Turn You Into Soil

It's called 'recomposition'

(Newser) - While the "Urban Death Project" may sound like the title of Hollywood's latest horror film, it's something else entirely—though perhaps not less macabre. It's a Seattle-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has a novel idea when it comes to making burials greener: composting human remains. It calls... More »

What This Guy Wants to Do With Waste Is a Game Changer

Charles Vigliotti wants to turn discarded food into alternative energy on a huge scale

(Newser) - Elizabeth Royte recently headed out to a remote part of Yaphank, Long Island, to talk to a man she calls the "compost king of New York." His name is Charles Vigliotti, and Royte profiles him in the New York Times , explaining how the 63-year-old plans, through his American... More »

Seattle's New $1 Fine: Failure to Compost

Council unanimously approves effort to curb food waste

(Newser) - Seattle is nudging its residents toward more careful waste disposal: Put too much food waste in your regular trash, and you could owe the city $1, according to a new rule unanimously approved by the city council. If garbage collectors notice, at a glance, that more than 10% of a... More »

Green Burial Method Turns You Into Soil— Via Liquid Nitrogen

(Newser) - As the movement toward greener, more natural burials gains steam, a Swedish biologist who specializes in soil production thinks she's got the best method, reports the Walrus magazine. It's called promession, and it's a doozy: Corpses are frozen with liquid nitrogen, then shattered into tiny pieces on a vibrating table.... More »

Not So Easy to Green a Dem Convention

Organizer can't find hats that are organic and union

(Newser) - You can pledge to make your Dem convention “the greenest…in the history of the planet” (as Denver’s mayor recently did), you can hire a Director of Greening—but it’s still no small task to throw a sustainable presidential nominating conference. That's what the Journal discovered in... More »

5 Stories