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Cartoon About White Privilege Banned for Inspiring 'White Guilt'

A Virginia school district calls the educational video 'racially divisive'

(Newser) - An educational video about racial inequality has been banned by one Virginia school district after "numerous emails and phone calls" from parents calling it "racially divisive" and a "white guilt video," the Washington Post reports. The video— Structural Discrimination: The Unequal Opportunity Race —uses a... More »

Move Over Jesse, This Is Obama's House

The rev hates Barack because he represents the 'anti-Jackson'

(Newser) - If threats of castration are any indication, Barack Obama has gotten under Jesse Jackson's skin, writes Shelby Steele in the Wall Street Journal. The Illinois senator has eclipsed the reverend by effectively becoming the anti-Jackson—rather than playing off moral leverage created out of white guilt, Obama "became the... More »

Obama 'Wants to Talk White': Nader

Third-party maverick says Dem avoids poverty, favors 'appeal to white guilt'

(Newser) - Ralph Nader says Barack Obama "wants to talk white" and "appeal to white guilt" while ignoring poverty, the third-party presidential candidate told the Rocky Mountain News yesterday. The consumer advocate said the only thing that separated Obama from past Democrats is that he’s “half African-American,"... More »

3 Stories