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Swing Voters Don't Like 'Hothead' McCain

Crisis turns voters towards 'cool and collected' Obama

(Newser) - Doubts over John McCain's disposition are pushing undecided voters Barack Obama's way, according to the Los Angeles Times. Swing voters interviewed by the newspaper say McCain's negative body language over the last few weeks and his "hothead" outbursts have given them strong misgivings—as did his snap decision to... More »

Americans Resent Wall St. Bailout

Poll shows 79% seek change of course

(Newser) - Most Americans, struggling unaided with their own financial problems, resent the Wall Street bailout, reports the Los Angeles Times. Taxpayers don't believe it should be government's responsibility to foot the bill for the collapse of America's financial goliaths, according to a Times/Bloomberg poll. But 57% in a separate poll believe... More »

What's Up With the Prez Polls?

Expert explains why some surveys give Obama a double-digit lead

(Newser) - Voter polls on John McCain and Barack Obama are all over the map: Gallup has them neck-and-neck, while LA Times/Bloomberg and Newsweek say Obama leads by up to 15 points. What gives? One expert says the latter polls relied too heavily on Democrats. "We know that the best predictor... More »

75% Blame Bush for Faltering Economy

Prez approval rating at all time low

(Newser) - A new poll paints a gloomy picture of a pessimistic America struggling with soaring gas prices and a deteriorating economy—and blaming President Bush. Three of four Americans—including a large number of Republicans—hold the president responsible for the economic downturn, according to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll. The... More »

4 Stories