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Police Break Woman's Windows to Rescue Kid Who Doesn't Exist

She claims they don't want to pay for the damages

(Newser) - Police in Suffolk, Virginia, have a little egg on their face, Newsnet5 reports, after they broke into a woman's car on a hot day intending to save a trapped child, and instead found nothing but a wig. Jasmine Turner, the owner of the car, says she was surprised when... More »

Virginia Mops Up After Twisters

State of emergency declared in tattered regions

(Newser) - Virginia is digging out and cleaning up today after at least three tornadoes walloped the state, injuring hundreds and ripping through several counties. The Suffolk area was the worst hit, with dozens of homes and businesses wrecked and thousands left without power, reports the Virginian-Pilot. Virginia has declared a state... More »

Twisters Rip Through Virginia

Hospital, homes damaged in Suffolk

(Newser) - Virginia twisters struck downtown Suffolk early today, injuring at least 200 people, AP reports. Early reports said one person was killed but police later said the death was unrelated. One tornado struck the city multiple times, damaging a hospital and nearby homes. Twisters also ripped up trees, felled power lines,... More »

Long Island Talks Secession From New York

County official irked over getting stiffed by Albany on funding

(Newser) - Officials on Long Island have initiated a study on the economic feasibility of its secession from New York state, Newsday reports. While acknowledging the difficulties of establishing a 51st state, Suffolk County Comptroller Joseph Sawicki said the proposal is really about examining what Long Island contributes to greater New York,... More »

Deadly Bird Flu ID'd on UK Farm

Human-transmissible H5N1 strain detected; 6,000 birds killed as precaution

(Newser) - The avian flu that decimated a British turkey farm is the dangerous H5N1 strain, which can spread to humans. Authorities are taking extreme precautions, reports the Telegraph, slaughtering about 6,000 birds and forbidding the transportation of poultry within a 6-mile "surveillance zone.” The H5N1 strain has killed... More »

Police Bust Huge Global Pedophile Ring

31 children, babies rescued; chatroom showed live video of sexual abuse

(Newser) - Detectives in 36 countries have busted a global pedophile ring, rescuing 31 young children and babies who were sexually abused live on the Internet, and identifying 700 suspects. "You could go and if you were in the club, arrange a time and a place when online you could view... More »

6 Stories