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Blogger Gets 3 Years for Judge Threats

Online radio host Hal Turner posted judges photos, addresses

(Newser) - Far-right blogger and Internet radio host Hal Turner has been sentenced to 33 months for writing on his web stie that three federal judges who upheld Chicago's handgun ban "deserve to be killed." Turner—who posted photographs, phone numbers and work addresses for the judges—was convicted of... More »

Wisconsin DA: Go Ahead, Pack a Concealed Weapon

Prosecutor won't press most cases in wake of Supreme Court ruling

(Newser) - One Wisconsin DA is taking the US Supreme Court's ruling on gun rights and running with it, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. In Jackson County, prosecutors won't be pursuing cases against defendants accused of carrying concealed weapons, among other infractions. The high court's ruling in McDonald vs. Chicago "immediately... More »

Chicago Rushes New Gun Ban Into Place

Unanimous vote comes in wake of US Supreme Court ruling

(Newser) - Wasting little time after the US Supreme Court threw out the city's gun ban , Chicago aldermen today voted unanimously to institute new gun regulations. By a 45-0 vote, the lawmakers passed laws considered the nation's strictest, and they weren't coy about their motivation. "No Supreme Court judge could live... More »

Gun Control Is Dead

Conservatives celebrate, liberals predict anarchy

(Newser) - The Supreme Court issued a major gun rights decision today, one that conservatives believe forever ends gun control in America. Here’s what the pundits are saying:
  • David Rittgers of the National Review expects violent crime to fall now that people can finally defend themselves. The decision finally kills off
... More »

Supreme Court Will Hear Challenge to Local Gun Laws

Challenge to Chicago handgun ban could neuter local gun control measures

(Newser) - The Supreme Court will take up a case that could radically alter legal precedent regarding gun ownership and Second Amendment rights. The case is an appeal brought by Chicago-area gun owners who challenged the city’s ban on handguns. The high court overturned such a ban last year in Washington,... More »

DC Delegate: Ban Guns Near Obama

Says pistol-packers too close; Secret Service says not an issue

(Newser) - Washington DC's congressional delegate is watching gun-toting protesters outside venues where Barack Obama speaks, and she's not gonna take it anymore, reports The Hill. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton—whose constituency last year had its handgun ban tossed by the Supreme Court—wants guns banned in the president's vicinity, and is... More »

DC Still Defying Court on Guns

City rewords provisions to bog down ownership, though challenges look certain

(Newser) - The District of Columbia is defying the Supreme Court with efforts to preserve the handgun ban deemed unconstitutional last month, Jacob Sullum writes in Reason. A new law changes the wording of the controversial “disassemble and trigger-lock” provision, meaning owners won’t be allowed to keep guns loaded and... More »

NRA Plots Multimillion-Dollar Campaign Against Obama

Bittergate, Chicago gun ban to make appearances

(Newser) - The NRA has budgeted $40 million for the fall elections, with more than one-third of it set aside to spotlight Barack Obama's gun policies. The ad blitz will deny Obama the opportunity to neutralize the issue, Politico reports. A rep says the NRA will target 15 battleground states. “We... More »

Hairsplitting Obama Shifts to the Center

From gun laws to wiretapping, candidate tacks away from the left

(Newser) - When the Supreme Court struck down Washington, DC's ban on handguns yesterday, Barack Obama gave the opinion a muted welcome, endorsing both the right to bear arms and anti-gun laws. Obama's measured, even tortured response—after seeming to support the ban in February—is the latest in a series of... More »

Gun Ruling Sends Chicago Mayor Into Rage

'Very frightening,' Daley says; vows to fight for city's strict law

(Newser) - Today’s Supreme Court ruling striking down a handgun ban in Washington, DC, is “a very frightening decision,” says Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, vowing to fight for Chicago’s own strict gun law, which will likely now be challenged. Mayors across the country must protect their cities, Daley... More »

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