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Smartphone Scammers Recycle Dial-Up Tricks

Trojan diallers call premium lines, racking up huge charges

(Newser) - Criminals have revived an old trick dating from the days of dial-up Internet access to target smartphone users. Trojans known as "diallers" that hijack a line to dial dozens of premium-rate numbers or send premium SMS messages are on the rise again, according to security experts. The diallers—generally... More »

USC Star Recovering After Surgery on Crushed Throat

Tailback suffered mishap in weight room

(Newser) - USC tailback Stafon Johnson is in critical but stable condition and communicating nonverbally after surgery to repair a horrific weightlifting injury. Teammates say Johnson was bench-pressing yesterday and accidentally dropped the bar on his throat. After 7-plus hours of surgery, during which doctors realigned Johnson’s larynx, the athlete is... More »

Malware Is Outpacing Anti-Virus Apps

But they're still the best defense; PC World lists most effective

(Newser) - Malware is trumping anti-virus apps these days, and even using them to stay ahead of security teams. A recent test by PC World reported that security suites spotted only one in four infiltrators because "the bad guys have the element of surprise," one McAfee expert said. "Bad... More »

Malicious Mac "Trojan Horse" App Discovered

Program may be the first in a wave of OS X targeted malware

(Newser) - A rare "Trojan horse" program designed to fleece Mac users has been discovered, the Wall Street Journal reports. Luring users with spam directing to porn sites, the Trojan poses as a missing video codec necessary for the naughty vids. Installation of the "codec" requires an administrator login, which... More »

Fox, CBS Block Condom Ad

Trojan pushes responsibility, but networks opt to pull out

(Newser) - Trojan says it's conceived of a new ad to promote condom use—but has hit a big rubber wall at two of the four major networks. Fox and CBS turned away the "Evolve" spot, set to premiere tonight, in which anthropomorphic pigs fail to tempt the interest of a... More »

5 Stories