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Pilot Takes On Belligerent Man Who Shoved Flight Attendant

'You don't put your hands on my flight attendant!'

(Newser) - A Kentucky man who was dragged kicking, yelling, and spitting off an American Airlines flight last month after allegedly attacking crew members was banned by a US District Court judge Monday from flying on commercial flights as he awaits trial, the Charlotte Observer reports. A video shot July 21 by... More »

Cranky When Flying? Blame First Class

First-class cabin brings sense of inequality: study

(Newser) - Limited leg room is harder to bear when passengers know others are comfortably sipping bubbly nearby. That's the takeaway from a University of Toronto study that examined 1,500 "air rage" incidents from a single airline and found incidents rise on flights with a first-class cabin, particularly if... More »

Arrest Warrant Issued for S. Korea 'Nut Rage' Exec

Cho Hyun-ah of Korean Air Lines faces charges after forcing delay of flight

(Newser) - A South Korean court today approved the arrest of a former Korean Air Lines executive who famously delayed a flight over a bag of macadamia nuts. Cho Hyun-ah, the daughter of the airline's chairman, has faced mounting public anger because she forced the flight to return to its gate... More »

Aussie Charged With Attacking Quantas Crew

Passenger goes berserk on flight out of Tokyo

(Newser) - An Australian man who went berserk on a flight from Tokyo to Sydney is facing multiple criminal charges. The 56-year-old passenger had to be restrained after attacking a Japanese passenger and threatening to kill a flight attendant. Tamas Halasz was arrested when the flight landed and was charged with endangering... More »

'Violent' Fellow Passenger Threatens Romney

Confrontation happens as ex-governor departs Vancouver

(Newser) - On a flight leaving Vancouver this morning, Mitt Romney’s request that a passenger in front of his wife raise his seat for takeoff apparently rubbed the man the wrong way, and he threatened the former (and perhaps future) Republican presidential hopeful. The man became “physically violent,” a... More »

Flight Grounded Over Irate Passengers

Passenger boos too much for one American Airlines flight crew

(Newser) - The passengers of an American Airlines flight from Miami to New York on Sunday night probably thought the worst was over when their flight crew finally arrived at the gate an hour late. But angry passengers greeted them with boos and, according to some accounts,  obscenities. The crew responded... More »

Group Backs Preflight Toke

Allowing weed at airport would chill 'air rage,' pro-marijuana org in Denver says

(Newser) - Denver has a pretty lax marijuana policy (small amounts are legal) and pro-pot advocates are wondering whether, after a recent rash of "air rage" incidents, such permissiveness shouldn’t extend to the city airport’s smoking lounge, CW2 News reports. “This madness has got to stop,” said... More »

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