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Doctors Need to Work Weekends

Peter Orszag: No one wants to work Saturdays, but we need them to

(Newser) - If we're serious about raising the quality of health care while lowering its cost, doctors need to do two things: The first is suck it up and work weekends, writes Peter Orszag. There are plenty of compelling reasons: People who are hospitalized on Saturdays and Sundays don't fare so well,... More »

Mac Rests Up on Weekends

Some call it an error; others think it's best not to run candidate ragged

(Newser) - John McCain has held only one public weekend event since becoming the presumptive nominee in February, Politico reports. The downtime—used to rest, meet privately with donors, and bone up on policy—is frustrating to those who think the Republican hasn't done enough to take advantage of his early victory.... More »

2 Stories