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Cleese Not Laughing About $20M Divorce

(Newser) - Holy Monty Python. John Cleese has a whopping $20 million check to write in a California divorce settlement, and he's not happy about it. “What I find so unfair is that if we both died today, her children would get much more than mine," grumbled the 70-year-old star.... More »

Guy Snags $60M Settlement

Madge keeps her houses in NY and LA and most of her $520M fortune

(Newser) - Madge and Guy have already divvied up their loot, and Guy will walk away with $60 million in cash and real estate, the Sun reports. Ritchie adds the couple’s 1,200-acre British country estate and a posh London pub to his $43 million fortune, while Madonna hangs on to... More »

Here's to My 'Emotionally Retarded' Soon-to-Be-Ex

Madonna rips Ritchie during Boston concert

(Newser) - It won’t be a pretty breakup for the $521 million couple. The latest indication was Madonna bellowing out a dedication—Miles Away, inspired by her time with Guy Ritchie—for the “emotionally retarded” during a Boston concert Wednesday. The pop star, who has solicited London's top divorce lawyer,... More »

Madonna Seeks Counsel of Sir Paul's Divorce Lawyer

Fiona Shackleton got McCartney off cheap in recent settlement with Mills

(Newser) - Madonna is set to enlist the services of the lawyer who handled Paul McCartney’s divorce settlement, the Times of London reports. The pop star, 49, is reportedly exploring a split from director Guy Ritchie, 39. "Steel magnolia” Fiona Shackleton gained notoriety when she secured such a favorable result... More »

4 Stories