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NASA Scrambles to Fix Ailing Hubble

Engineers will reboot dormant systems

(Newser) - NASA engineers will work around the clock in a bid to revive the ailing Hubble Telescope by activating a back-up system that has lain dormant for 20 years, reports Space. com. The mammoth telescope has been unable to send images to earth for weeks since a relay system malfunctioned. If... More »

Upgrade Will Boost Hubble Vision

Upgrade will create spectacular images

(Newser) - Spectacular images from the Hubble telescope are about to get even more awe-inspiring, thanks to a $900-million upgrade during an upcoming space shuttle mission—the fifth and last mission to the orbiting observatory. Two new high-tech instruments and a series of repairs will make Hubble able to probe even deeper... More »

Polar Meltdown Threatened This Summer

North Pole may be ice free for the first time in human history

(Newser) - The North Pole may become free of ice this summer for the first time in human history. Thick Arctic sea ice that normally covers the polar region has been replaced by ice that formed only in the last year and is susceptible to seasonal melting, reports the Independent. It's a... More »

3 Stories