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A Decade of Hipsters

From the Emo to the Meta-Nerd, check 'em here

(Newser) - The 2000s have been the decade of plenty of things, hipsters included. Paste undertakes a study of their evolution, from 2000 to the present:
  • 2000: The Emo. “Proto-hipster” finds guyliner and a white belt a “soulful combination.”
  • 2001: The Emo Redux. You’ll see a theme in
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Deep V-Necks No Longer Welcome at Tee Party

Fashion-forward twist on plain white T-shirt goes too far—and too far down, some say

(Newser) - The deep V-neck T-shirt, that "misguided ode to the male sternum," has taken the classic, plain, white version to a place so fashion forward many are hoping it gets lost there, Kate Radway writes in Radar. "I see them on the street and I am almost sick... More »

2 Stories