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Homeland Security Employee Accused of Plotting Attack

He tried to bring knife, gun, handcuffs into HQ

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors are investigating whether a Department of Homeland Security employee with top-secret clearance was planning an attack at the agency's Washington headquarters when he entered the building with a gun, a knife, an infrared camera, pepper spray, and handcuffs. Jonathan Wienke, an analyst in the Office of Intelligence... More »

Pic of McDonald's Worker's Kindness Will Make Your Day

Disabled man's plea for help brought out the best in Kenny Soriano-Garcia

(Newser) - When Destiny Carreno stopped at a McDonald's in downtown Chicago during rush hour one evening last week, an elderly man in a wheelchair approached one of the registers and simply asked, "Help me, please." It turns out he needed help cutting his food and eating, and "... More »

Woman Has Worked for One Company for 75 Years

Alabama's Frances Moore started out polishing jewelry

(Newser) - Seventy-five years ago today, Alabama's Bromberg & Co. hired 18-year-old Frances Moore to polish silver ahead of the holiday rush. This morning, the company hosted a breakfast for its most loyal employee, who never left, reports AP . "I didn't think I'd live 75 years let alone... More »

Worker Video: Golden Corral Hides Food by Dumpster

Scandal explodes on Reddit

(Newser) - Food chains around the country must rue the day someone decided to add cameras to phones. Golden Corral is the latest to have its dirty ground beef aired online, as Reddit exploded this morning in reaction to a video from one employee showing all manner of meat camped out near... More »

Wages of Young Workers Declining

They're down over the last decade, in contrast to overall numbers

(Newser) - The group getting hit the hardest by plummeting wages caused by high unemployment is the young. The hourly pay for male college graduates ages 23 to 29 fell 11% over the past decade to $21.68 while their female counterparts saw a dip of 7.6% to $18.80, reports... More »

Borders Staff List Ways We Drove 'Em Crazy

Workers displayed 'Things We Never Told You' before shutdown

(Newser) - Ah, the joys of customer service. Before Borders went belly up, employees displayed a list of grievances with us ... the customers. Entertainment Weekly's Shelf Life blog lists the bullet-pointed "Ode to a Bookstore Death":
  • "It confused us when we were asked where the non-fiction section is."
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Weirdest Excuses for Skipping Work

'I'm not feeling too clever today'

(Newser) - A new survey finds that 29% of employees have made something up to get out of a workday, and CareerBuilder surveys employers to find the strangest:
  • A chicken attacked my mom.
  • My finger's stuck in a bowling ball.
  • My hair transplant went poorly.
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10 Worst Workers Ever

Like the good teacher. Who accidentally gave students a homemade sex tape

(Newser) - For those who think the bar could be set no lower than Michael Scott, a list of the worst employees ever to grace headlines, courtesy of Oddee.com:
  1. The 5th-grade teacher who gave her students a homemade sex tape: Included in year-end DVDs she made for the kids was a
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Middle Class Losing Health Insurance Fastest

Families squeezed as prices soar, employers drop coverage

(Newser) - Middle-class Americans are losing their health insurance coverage faster than any other group, with 16.2% of people in the income bracket finding themselves without coverage in 2008. That’s 12.9 million uninsured—up from 10.5 million in 2000—among families who make between $45,000 and $85,... More »

South Korea to Workers: Take a Vacation Already

Directive forces hardest working developed nation to take more time off

(Newser) - South Koreans work more hours than any other developed nation but the country's production is lagging, a grim reality the government is trying to upend by forcing civil employees to take more of their allotted vacation days. A recent study shows that the average government worker takes just six of... More »

Thieving Employees Do Brisk Business in Gift Cards

Lower-risk way to steal from the boss

(Newser) - Employee fraud, which accounts for a large and growing chunk of the total $36 billion a year the retail industry loses to theft, is increasingly taking the form of gift cards: easy to walk out of a store with, and easy to redeem without showing ID. With overall employee theft... More »

Temp Hiring Is on the Rise

Employers show confidence, but hedged with caution

(Newser) - With the economy on an upswing, employers are feeling a tad more confident—enough to bring on more temporary workers, who can easily be let go if things go south again. Temp hiring has risen for 4 months—longer than the aftermath of previous recessions, when employers started hiring permanent... More »

Swine Flu Highlights Debate Over Paid Sick Leave

Half of US doesn't get sick pay; businesses defend policy

(Newser) - The second coming of swine flu has reignited the debate over paid sick leave. “You have all of our top officials saying, ‘Do the responsible thing. If you're sick, stay home,’” an advocate tells CNNMoney. “And at the same time, we have a country where... More »

Swearing at Your Boss Can't Get You Fired in Spain

Judge says 'son of a bitch' insult no big deal

(Newser) - A Barcelona court says calling your boss a "son of a bitch" is not grounds for dismissal, insisting the slight is common in arguments in Spain and not that big a deal. The plaintiff in the case was fired in January 2008 for hurling that insult at his boss... More »

Oldsters Behind Counter Boost McDonald's Sales

(Newser) - Having workers in their golden years is key to the Golden Arches' success, according to a British study. Researchers found that customer satisfaction levels were 20% higher in outlets where people over 60 were employed. The boost comes from the older workers' better people skills, strong work ethic, and influence... More »

Runaway Gorilla Hurts Zoo Worker

(Newser) - An escaped gorilla injured a South Carolina zoo employee before voluntarily returning to his enclosure after 5 minutes on the loose, the State reports. Riverbanks Zoo in COlumbia was on lockdown for about 45 minutes after Mike escaped, with visitors escorted into buildings or outside the park. The zoo did... More »

Firms Feed Workers to Boost Morale

It's not a raise, but perk goes long way in tough times, managers say

(Newser) - The way to employee satisfaction is apparently through their stomachs. Businesses slicing jobs and benefits in tough times are finding that free food is a cheap way to boost worker morale, the Boston Globe reports. The majority of financial officers recently surveyed—68%—is taking steps to boost employee spirits.... More »

Sex Harassment Cases Besiege UN

(Newser) - The United Nations is being hammered by a string of sexual harassment cases filed by employees, reports the Wall Street Journal. The development is particularly painful for an organization that is supposed to uphold human rights around the world. Victims complain about an old-boys' network of adjudication that allows colleagues... More »

Chinese Workers Ordered to Smoke More

(Newser) - Seeking to stem the flow of cigarettes over the border and bolster the local tobacco industry, a Chinese county has ordered local officials to puff only local cigarettes, the Times of London reports. In March, Gongan county mandated that civil servants on its payroll smoke 230,000 packs of locally... More »

'Sick' Worker Fired for Facebooking

Worker claims company spied on her

(Newser) - Hint to employees: If you say you're sick, don’t use Facebook. A Swiss woman was fired for doing just that, the BBC reports. She claimed her migraine prevented her from working on her computer and asked to lie in a darkened room—where she accessed Facebook through her iPhone.... More »

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