Lawrence v. Texas

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Court Rejects 2 More Gay Marriage Bans

Indiana, Wisconsin bans 'totally implausible,' judge says

(Newser) - Two more state bans on gay marriage were rejected as unconstitutional yesterday—the day after a federal judge in Louisiana broke a chain of more than 20 consecutive rulings overturning other bans . The US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, based in Chicago, ruled against the bans in Wisconsin... More »

SCOTUS Axes Virginia's Bid to Revive Anti-Sodomy Law

Supreme Court shoots down AG's appeal

(Newser) - Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's attempt to revive his state's ban on oral and anal sex has been shot down by the Supreme Court, Raw Story reports. The court—which banned anti-sodomy laws in its 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision—refused to hear an appeal of a lower... More »

Landmark Texas Sodomy Case Slips Perry's Mind

Gay-rights case he opposed doesn't ring a bell

(Newser) - Rick Perry drew a blank yesterday when asked about a Supreme Court landmark decision that struck down Texas' anti-sodomy law during his time as governor. Perry—who defended the law ahead of the Lawrence vs Texas case, and mentioned it in his latest book—said he didn't know about... More »

Supreme Court's Gay Rights Revolution

5 years later profound change still rippling though society

(Newser) - It’s been five years since the Supreme Court heard Lawrence v. Texas and handed down a landmark decision in effect decriminalizing homosexual activity and paving the way for gay marriage legislation in Massachusetts and California. The decision has been cited in numerous cases around the country challenging morals legislation,... More »

4 Stories