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There Will Be Blood Best of the Best: Critics

Eternal Sunshine and Lord of the Rings tie for second

(Newser) - Back in the day, P.T. Anderson’s There Will Be Blood wasn't even unanimously considered the best film of 2007. But it comes out on top in Gawker 's aggregation of critics’ “Best Films of the Decade” lists, “its straw in the whole damn cinema’s milkshake.... More »

Doubling Best-Pic Nominations a Winning Move

Dark Knight , Wall-E would have been in running

(Newser) - We should all thank the Academy for its decision to double the number of Best Picture nominees next year, writes Lane Brown in New York. A few reasons why:
  • More “crowd-pleasing hits” will be in the running, meaning a ratings jump—which in turn means more exposure for the
... More »

Cash-Strapped Studios Spend Big on Oscars

Pricey ads run for contenders despite industry layoffs

(Newser) - America's financial crisis hasn't stopped studios from dropping big money in their quest for Oscars, Nikki Finke writes on Deadline Hollywood Daily. Amid layoffs and cutbacks, Paramount took out 7 full-page ads for Revolutionary Road in the New York Times, and Disney spent $675,000 for a Wall-E insert in... More »

Pixar's Lovable Robot Has Important Lessons For Us

Wall-E warns about our over-consumption

(Newser) - Yes, Wall-E has environmental themes, but its main point is a moral one, writes Michael Gerson in the Washington Post. Not simply a critique of capitalism, as some conservatives have suggested, the movie sets its satirical sights on our self-imprisoning culture of consumption—and the snacking, reclining consumers in the... More »

Thinking 'Bots May Probe Planets for Us

Gizmos could direct airships over Titan, Europa by 2017

(Newser) - WALL-E they aren't, but future space robots may decide how and where we explore other planets, Space.com reports. Using what expert Wolfgang Fink calls “tier-scalable reconnaissance,” orbiting spacecrafts could choose where to deploy airships that drop rovers on planet surfaces. NASA and Europe may test the software... More »

Wall-E Sees Box Office Stars

Jolie's Wanted surprises in 2nd at weekend box office

(Newser) - Wall-E charmed filmgoers and Angelina Jolie's Wanted beat out expectations in a strong box office weekend, Variety reports. The Pixar-Disney animation flick banked $62.5 million while Wanted raked in $51.1 million. Get Smart held at third with $20 million and Kung Fu Panda kicked up $11.7 million... More »

6 Stories