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Kenyan Runner Loses Feet to Frostbite

Marko Cheseto went missing in Alaska snowstorm

(Newser) - A top college runner at the University of Alaska in Anchorage has lost both his feet to amputation after severe frostbite. Marko Cheseto, 28, disappeared in a snowstorm earlier this month wearing only jeans, running shoes and a light jacket. He was found outside a hotel two days later with... More »

Why You Can't 'Freeze to Death'

Semantics: Hypothermia will get you long before then

(Newser) - The phrase may be a common one, but it's not that easy to "freeze to death," explains LiveScience . In fact, it's a bit of a misnomer: Hypothermia will almost certainly get you before the body freezes. For the record, the body has two helpful reactions when the temperature... More »

Woman Survives 3 Days Buried in Snowbank

Rescuers stunned by Canadian's survival feat

(Newser) - The family and friends of a Canadian woman missing for three days in a winter snowstorm are hailing her survival as a Christmas miracle, the National Post reports. Police believe the woman, 55, became disoriented after going for a walk in heavy snow near her Ontario home. A rescue dog... More »

Bloodthinner Can Help Frostbite Victims

Drug spares digits, study says

(Newser) - A clot-busting drug is remarkably effective in treating frostbite patients, according to new research from the University of Utah health center, reports the Los Angeles Times. Patients whose treatment included tissue plasmingoen activator (tPA) kept 90% of affected fingers and toes; patients treated before the drug was in use had... More »

4 Stories