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18K Students Told Not to Show Up on Mondays

4-day week in effect for Colorado school district

(Newser) - Some 18,000 students in Colorado may be the envy of all others this school year: Though they're already back to class, the students of 27J, the 16th-largest school district in the state, have to show up just four days a week, Tuesday to Friday from 8:30am to... More »

Brown's Plan for California: 4-Day Workweek

Budget deficit forcing painful austerity plan

(Newser) - California Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled a painful slate of budget cuts yesterday, including shifting all state employees to a four-day, 38-hour workweek, in an effort to reduce the state's yawning $15.7 billion budget gap . The plan also includes cuts to courts, health services, and welfare in what Brown... More »

It's Official: The 4-Day Week Works

Utah shows economic, environmental, and health benefits from new scheme

(Newser) - A year ago, Utah’s governor instituted a 4-day, 10-hour-a-day workweek for some 17,000 state employees—and the results so far show big benefits, GOOD reports:
  • Closed offices on Fridays have cut energy use by 13% and reduced the state’s carbon footprint by some 6,000 metric tons—
... More »

Utah State Workers Get 4-Day Week

Measure meant to save money, reduce energy use gains across US

(Newser) - Utah will roll out a mandatory four-day work week for most state employees in August, USA Today reports, the first state to do so. Republican Gove. Jon Huntsman says he's making the change to reduce his state's negative impact on the environment and to provide workers with more flexibility; offices... More »

4 Stories