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Tourists' Selfie Busts Statue From 1700

Cremona's beloved statue is now in need of repair

(Newser) - Hercules is no match for the dreaded selfie, apparently. A 300-year-old statue of the figure was busted in Cremona, Italy, by tourists trying to snap a selfie. The two visitors were reportedly climbing on the "Statue of the Two Hercules" at the historic Loggia dei Militi building when the... More »

The Secret of the Strad's Superiority

Scientist find mellow tone is in the wood

(Newser) - Stradivarius violins—300 years old and valued at least $3 million each—are universally recognized as producing the richest sounds. Now, the Daily Telegraph reports, scientists believe they know why. X-rays of several old and new instruments show the wood used by 17th-century violin makers has a more uniform density... More »

2 Stories