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Tailgating: The New Picnic

No more lounging in a meadow—we picnic in parking lots now

(Newser) - The good old-fashioned picnic—a blanket, a thermos, the countryside—is a thing of the past. Its replacement: Tailgating, “jammed together, on asphalt, amid exhaust fumes and exhausting vulgarities,” writes Frank Deford for NPR. This new American tradition “crosses all ethnic, racial, and religious lines. You just... More »

Good Wines That Come in a Jug

This summer, head to the picnic with wine that tastes good and costs little

(Newser) - Jug wine has a bad reputation, with many considering it cheap and low-quality—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Bring along a jug o’ wine to your Fourth of July picnic, and it’ll be gone before you know it. To help you accomplish that, the Wall ... More »

Obamas Treat Lawmakers to White House Luau

Gibbs, Emanuel dunked as guests sip Mai Tais

(Newser) - America's first Hawaiian-born president gave the annual congressional picnic yesterday a decidedly Pacific flavor, the AP reports. Tiki torches lined the White House grounds as lawmakers and their families sipped drinks under potted palm trees. "I wish I could give you all trips to Hawaii," the president said.... More »

France's 'Picnic Tax' Making Foes Antsy

'Green' levy aims to cut down on use of plastic forks, paper plates

(Newser) - A picnic tax? “We are doing it,” France’s environment minister said today, apparently unabashed at such a villainous plan. Actually, the levy isn’t as dastardly as it sounds—it’s actually a tax on the plastic and paper plates and utensils commonly used in picnics, the... More »

101 Cool Summer Dishes

Be the star of the 4th of July picnic in 20 minutes or less

(Newser) - With the summer picnic season heating up, Mark "The Minimalist" Bittman of the New York Times checks in with his semiannual list of quick, easy dishes. He calls for fewer tomatoes than you might expect, and many, many lemons. Some high points:
  • "Take cold pizza and lemon. Squeeze
... More »

5 Stories