Samuel de Champlain

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Quebec City Celebrates 400th

Officials pay tribute to Canada's 'most beautiful city,' weather notwithstanding

(Newser) - Canadians celebrated the 400th birthday of Quebec City today, the Toronto Globe and Mail reports. In a rain-drenched ceremony, Prime Minister Stephen Harper praised the adventurous Quebecois spirit and the city—“the most beautiful city in Canada, the most enchanting"—where explorer Samuel de Champlain landed on July... More »

A Weekend for 2 Nations to Celebrate

400th anniversary of Quebec City offers chance to reflect: historian

(Newser) - Tomorrow is Independence Day, but north of the border today marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City, the first settlement of New France and one of the oldest cities in Canada. David Hackett Fischer, a historian writing in the New York Times, uses the occasion to explore... More »

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