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New England Wants to Dump the Clock Change

Lawmakers contemplating ditching daylight saving switch, joining Atlantic Standard Time

(Newser) - New England really wants to get ahead—by one hour. The New York Times reports on the movement that's afoot in that region for some states to transition permanently to the Atlantic Standard Time zone, ignoring the changing of the clocks that takes place at the start and end... More »

They Call Him the 'Codfather.' It's Not Exactly a Compliment

Carlos Rafael has become rich using unsavory methods—but is there another way?

(Newser) - Almost as soon as the profanity-hurling fisherman sporting an electronic bracelet sauntered into the fish auction, Brendan Borrell knew he was seeing the Codfather. In his piece for Hakai Magazine , Borrell dives into the murky waters around Carlos Rafael, the 65-year-old he describes as "the most powerful man" in... More »

10 US States Are More Than 90% White

New England claims 3 of them

(Newser) - What do Iowa, Montana, and West Virginia have in common? White people, and lots of them. According to Census data, these states are among the top 10 "whitest," ABC News reports. New England comes in first with three states in which at least 96% of the population is... More »

New England's Cod Are Fleeing to Cooler Waters

Temperatures in the Gulf of Maine have soared in recent years

(Newser) - Hope you like seahorse-and-chips because New England is just about out of cod thanks in part to global climate change, Reuters reports. According to a study published Thursday in Science , the waters in the Gulf of Maine have warmed faster than 99% of all other ocean waters. And that's... More »

New Storm Could Leave 80-Inch Snow Piles in Mass.

Nearly 60 inches have hit Boston this season so far

(Newser) - Just what Massachusetts needs: more snow . Given the amount of the stuff that's already on the ground, the latest accumulation—which marks the third snowstorm in two weeks—could leave piles as high as 80 inches in some areas of the state, the Boston Globe reports. By tomorrow morning,... More »

Want a Lighthouse? Feds Giving Them Away

100 sold in 14 years, unknown number still available

(Newser) - Ever wish your man cave or summer retreat was in a lighthouse? You may be in luck, now that the federal government is selling or giving away dozens of them, the AP reports. They've shed 100 obsolete or unneeded lighthouses in 14 years, 68 of them freebies handed off... More »

Fluoride Levels in Our Water Could Be Making Us Dumber

Private wells in Maine may have far too much

(Newser) - The CDC applauds the adding of fluoride to our water supply as one of the biggest public health triumphs of the 20th century. But it seems too much fluoride can do a lot of damage. Not only can it actually damage our teeth and weaken our bones—studies in China... More »

10% of US Beaches Teeming With Bacteria

Stormwater runoff major culprit in unsafe beaches

(Newser) - They may look pristine, but one in 10 US beaches is ripe with enough bacteria to make you sick. New research shows 10% of coastal and lakefront beaches fail to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's water-safety standards and swimmers could develop a stomach bug, conjunctivitis, pink eye, or even... More »

How We Get Maple Syrup May Change in a Huge Way

Think farms, not forests, and much bigger yields

(Newser) - Maple syrup has traditionally been a product of forests, not farms—but a new discovery could change that. Researchers found to their surprise that mature maple trees weren't necessary to generate large volumes of sap. Instead, the stuff can come from saplings with their tops removed, the University of... More »

Heroin Use Soars in New England's Towns

It's 'our biggest problem right now': Vermont cop

(Newser) - Heroin is not just a city drug anymore: Its use is surging in the smaller communities of New England, the New York Times reports. Last year, 21 people died in Maine from the drug—three times as many as the year before. Over the course of a decade, New Hampshire'... More »

New Storm Hits Upper Midwest

And rain prompts flood watches across the southeast

(Newser) - While the Northeast digs itself out from under historic snowfall, a major storm hit the Upper Midwest today with 8 to 15 inches of snow, CNN reports. The new snowstorm struck seven states but targeted Minnesota and the Dakotas in particular. Meanwhile, heavy rain drenched much of the Southeast, prompting... More »

3 Feet of Snow Could Bury Boston

New York City could get more than a foot

(Newser) - The blizzard barreling toward the Northeast is still on track to bury New England and New York City later today, reports AP . The big airlines have canceled nearly 3,000 flights so far, reports CNN , and that number is only going to grow. Boston could get three feet of snow... More »

'Historic' Snow Storm Looms for New England

2 storms could combine tomorrow, bringing winds, 2 feet of snow

(Newser) - Two big winter storms are bearing down on the northeast, and forecasters are warning they could combine tomorrow to create a "potentially historic" blizzard, reports USA Today . The first storm is currently crossing the Plains and is expected to pick up more moisture from the Great Lakes as it... More »

Move to Save Fishing Industry Could Kill It

Cod fishermen say slashed Gulf of Maine quotas will spell doom

(Newser) - Faced with dangerously declining cod stocks, New England fisheries officials voted yesterday to massively cut cod quotas—down 77% from last year's catch for the next three years in the Gulf of Maine, and by 61% for the next year in Georges Bank, near Cape Cod, reports the New ... More »

Quake Rattles New England

No injuries, damage from 4.0 quake centered in Maine

(Newser) - A rare earthquake shook New England not long before the presidential debate began last night, but there were no reports of damage or injuries. The 4.0 quake had its epicenter in southern Maine and was felt as far south as Connecticut, the AP reports. In New Hampshire, where the... More »

Feds Nab Alleged Head of New England Mob

Anthony DiNunzio reportedly bragged he would consider burying people alive

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors have arrested the man they believe is the acting head of the New England Cosa Nostra crime family, identifying him publicly as such for the first time. Authorities nabbed Anthony DiNunzio, 53, in the wee hours of yesterday morning at a social club in Boston's North End;... More »

Much of US Choked by Drought

61% of lower 48 suffering drought-like conditions

(Newser) - Last year, dry conditions cost Southern farmers some $10 billion, and once again, things are looking bleak. Some 61% of the lower 48 states is experiencing drought or "abnormally dry" weather—the biggest proportion of the country since September 2007, USA Today reports. Just two states have completely escaped... More »

Woman Freezes to Death in Driveway in Northeast Chill

In parts of New England, it may feel like 50 below

(Newser) - New England has been hit with a blast of winter cold from Canada so severe that at least two people have died, including one woman whose frozen body was found in a driveway in Connecticut, the AP reports. She apparently fell Saturday night and froze while temperatures were near zero;... More »

Connecticut Could Get 30-Plus Inches of Snow

New England pummeled by latest snowpocalypse

(Newser) - A winter storm crashed down on New England today, delivering as much as two feet of snow to parts of Connecticut, with more falling every minute. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a 30+ inch report,” says one WTHN meteorologist. Police in the state have responded... More »

Hurricane Earl Downgraded to Category 1

Storm set to sideswipe Cape Cod

(Newser) - Hurricane Earl has been downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane, but the New England coast can still expect some nasty weather. The storm lashed the North Carolina coast overnight, the AP reports, and forecasters predict it will stay away from New Jersey and other mid-Atlantic states today before coming very... More »

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