Bozo the Clown

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'Bozo the Clown' Dead at 89

Frank Avruch originated the role

(Newser) - Frank Avruch, perhaps better known as Bozo the Clown, died Tuesday at age 89. Avruch, who died at his Boston home from heart disease, created the iconic character and originated the role in 1959, TMZ reports. He played the red-haired, frilly-collared clown until 1970 and was the first nationally-syndicated Bozo.... More »

Christine O'Donnell's Dad: Bozo the Clown

Delaware candidate gives rare interview to mainstream media

(Newser) - The New York Times scores a rare interview with Christine O'Donnell, which doesn't result in substantive news but does provide some nuggets:
  • Her dad, Daniel, "worked a series of small television roles before scoring his signature gig—playing Bozo the Clown." (No further details on that; Larry Harmon
... More »

'Bozo the Clown' Dead at 83

Larry Harmon popularized legendary character

(Newser) - Entertainer Larry Harmon, who became known to millions as Bozo the Clown, has died of congestive heart failure at the age of 83. Harmon licensed the character from its creator and built a multi-million dollar business around him, AP reports. He embellished Bozo's signature look—orange-tufted hair, bulbous nose, outlandish... More »

3 Stories