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Razor Wars Get Hairy: Gillette Sues Dollar Shave Club

Gillette accuses online service of patent infringement

(Newser) - For nearly 120 years , Gillette has comfortably assumed dominance in the US shaving market. But now it's taking on an online upstart in the courts: The company filed a suit Thursday against Dollar Shave Club, trying to stop the subscription service from selling razors Gillette says infringe on a... More »

Amazon Wants You to Shop While Going Potty

Retailer joins P&G in creating 'Stall Mall' shopping experience from public toilets

(Newser) - Remember when a trip to the restroom used to actually be somewhat restful? Amazon and Procter & Gamble want to make sure you multitask and maximize your toilet time with their new "Stall Mall" campaign, which pushes consumers to "Sit, Shop, and Save!" The companies have teamed... More »

Gillette's New Razor Is for Suckers

'New York' columnist: No, we don't need a swivel hinge

(Newser) - Companies that sell simple razors on the cheap are gaining traction in the industry, but Procter & Gamble apparently thinks there's still plenty of money to be made with whiz-bang products. Witness the soon-to-launch ProGlide FlexBall, which will feature a "swiveling-ball hinge," reports the Wall Street Journal... More »

Man Who Made Washing Our Hands Easier Dead at 77

Give your soap pump a push for Robert Taylor, who died Aug. 29

(Newser) - The man who took a huge gamble to bring you hand soap via pump has died at 77. Robert Taylor wanted to clean up the mess bar soap left in the soap dish, and so his company, Minnetonka, introduced Softsoap in a pump-topped plastic bottle in 1978. But in order... More »

Lawyers Halted From Taking $2.7M of $3M Settlement

Pampers class-action suit settlement thrown out

(Newser) - It turns out there is a limit to how shameless lawyers can be in paying themselves in class action lawsuits. A federal appeals court last week threw out a $3 million settlement that Procter & Gamble had agreed to in a class-action suit over its allegedly rash-inducing Pampers Dry Max... More »

Bad Hair Day? Blame Your Pipes

Copper may be the culprit

(Newser) - When you shake your fist in anger on a bad hair day, shake in the direction of your home's pipes. Scientists say copper might be the culprit, per research published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science picked up by the Telegraph . The dastardly process: Copper found in pipes... More »

New Worry: Having an 'Old' Hair Day

Haircare industry cashes in on aging population's thinning locks

(Newser) - The haircare industry has a problem: The population is aging, and older people wash their hair less. How to avoid losing all those valuable baby boomer buyers? "Anti-aging" hair products. Women are already willing to shell out serious cash for beauty products that promise to fight wrinkles and age... More »

Potatoes Make Junk Food —but They're Not Junk

Mark Bittman: Corn, potatoes don't deserve their bad rap

(Newser) - Corn and potatoes get a bad rap, due to the fact that we mainly consume them in junk food form. But corn and potatoes themselves are, Mark Bittman reminds us in the New York Times , "real food"—unlike, say, Pringles, which are potato chips that contain just 42%... More »

Old Spice Man Trades Horse for Motorcycle

'Man your man could smell like' Isaiah Mustafa returns

(Newser) - The "I'm on a horse" Old Spice commercial was a tough act to follow, but the body wash's latest spot is a thing of beauty, Linda Holmes blogs for NPR . Former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa is back, but his horse isn't. "There are so many ways this all... More »

Typo, Glitches, Panic Blamed for Stock Market Mayhem

'Fat finger trade' likely triggered trader panic

(Newser) - What's known in the business as a "fat finger" trade may have been responsible for yesterday's stock market chaos, analysts say. Multiple sources believe a trader at a major firm—possibly Citigroup—hit a "B" instead of an "M" while trading Procter & Gamble shares, selling a... More »

Most Respected Companies

Apple heads the list, and Citigroup is dead last

(Newser) - Barron's has released its annual list on an admittedly squishy subject—how the world's largest 100 companies rank in terms of "respect." Two American firms showed up in the bottom 10: Bank of America at 93 and Citigroup dead last at 100. Here are the top 10... More »

Panel Brands Twiggy Ad a Lie

Airbrushed face misleads women about cream's effect

(Newser) - A Procter & Gamble face cream used by 1960s model Twiggy makes her look astoundingly young—except that it really doesn't because the photo used in magazine ads has been radically altered. A British consumer watchdog panel has declared the ad "misleading," but rebuffed consumer complaints that it... More »

P&G Recalls Contaminated Vicks Nasal Spray

Lots affected by bacteria were sold in US, UK, Germany

(Newser) - Procter & Gamble has voluntarily recalled batches of its Vicks nasal spray contaminated with bacteria. Though the bacteria are likely harmless to healthy people, CNN reports, the contamination could prove disastrous for those with compromised immune systems. The product is in the Vicks Sinex line in the US and UK,... More »

Dow Up 36 Points; Consumer Stocks Gain

Indices all post solid gains for the week

(Newser) - Stocks posted gains today, closing out a strong week as consumer stocks saw advances, the Wall Street Journal reports. Procter & Gamble gained 3.21% after Citigroup upgraded the firm’s shares to “buy.” Optimism about a recovery in consumer spending drove Starbucks up 3.64%, with PepsiCo... More »

Dow Climbs 80 as Stocks Hit 2009 Highs

September correction has yet to strike

(Newser) - Stock indices hit highs for 2009 today, alleviating fears that September would bring a major correction after the summer's rally, the Wall Street Journal reports. Energy stocks led the S&P 500, while the Dow Jones Transportation Average—considered a general indicator of national economic sentiment—rose 2.35%. Procter... More »

Beck Loses Advertisers for Calling Obama a Racist

(Newser) - Glenn Beck's assertion that President Obama is a racist is rattling at least a few advertisers. Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, and have stopped running ads on Beck's Fox show, reports the TV Newser blog on Mediabistro. The network itself isn't hurting, however: A spokesman says the... More »

Dow Off 25 Ahead of July Jobs

Monthly unemployment report will show recovery's progress

(Newser) - Stocks closed lower today ahead of a July unemployment report due tomorrow, the Wall Street Journal reports. Procter & Gamble weighed on the Dow with a 4.7% decline, over doubts about its sales strategy. The Dow fell 25 points to close at 9,256. The Nasdaq lost 20 points,... More »

Cheaper Tide Rises in Hard Times

Procter & Gamble agonizes over risky move

(Newser) - A cheaper Tide is rolling in: The recession-friendly Tide Basic drops some of the high-tech cleaning components—like anti-pilling ability—contained in the detergent’s traditional form, in exchange for a 20% lower price tag, the Wall Street Journal reports. But the decision to release the new Tide was no... More »

NFL Toiletries? P&G Signs Deal for $10M

(Newser) - Good news for football fans: Now you can smell like your favorite player. In an odd corporate pairing, Procter & Gamble has signed a deal with the NFL to slap the league's logo on its toiletries and call them an "Official Locker Room Product of the NFL,"... More »

Stocks Flat Ahead of TARP News

(Newser) - Stocks barely moved at today's open as traders awaited details on which banks would get approval to repay TARP funds, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Dow climbed less than 20 points; Procter & Gamble fell 1.4% after announcing its succession plans. The Nasdaq rose 0.6% and the... More »

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