Betsy Ross

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Five American Flag Myths

You can burn it, but you shouldn't wear it

(Newser) - In honor of Flag Day today, the Washington Post lists five of the most common myths about the national symbol:
  • Betsy Ross made the first one: You’re probably sitting there shaking your head and saying, “Yes, she did!” but there’s no credible historical evidence. The story,
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Real Betsy Ross Was a Lot More Interesting

She was admirably 'scruffier' than her whitewashed legend

(Newser) - Think of Betsy Ross, and you probably picture a demure, patriotic seamstress and maybe an apple pie or two. That's too bad, because the real Betsy Ross was a pistol, "a tough businesswoman fond of dark snuff and storytelling," writes Ruth Graham for Slate . Fortunately, a new wave... More »

One for the Books: Ben Franklin Weds Betsy Ross

A history-based love is consecrated in Philadelphia

(Newser) - Betsy Ross married Benjamin Franklin last night at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, in what probably seemed to many onlookers as a bit of historical fantasy in honor of July 4th, the Inquirer reports. But this was not acting: The couple was Linda Wilde and Ralph Archbold, two of Philadelphia’s... More »

3 Stories