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In 'Devastating Betrayal,' 100 Star Wars Items Stolen

Suspect is a close friend of the owner

(Newser) - Some $200,000 in Star Wars collectibles have vanished just like the Millennium Falcon jumping to light speed. The owner of the world's largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia and the envy of every fan in the galaxy announced Monday that 100 items, including "rare and important pieces,... More »

Inverted Jenny Stamp Returned for $50K Reward

Just one stolen stamp remains missing

(Newser) - A rare 1918 US postage stamp featuring an upside-down plane that was stolen six decades ago and ended up in Northern Ireland was returned to its American owner on Thursday. Keelin O'Neill, who inherited the stamp several years ago from his grandfather, turned it over at the World Stamp... More »

Great-Grandpa's Old Paper Bag Hid $1M Find

7 rare Ty Cobb baseball cards were inside

(Newser) - Relatives considered tossing the torn paper bag they found in the southern home of their late great-grandfather earlier this year. It's a good thing they didn't: Buried beneath old postcards and papers was one of the biggest discoveries of rare baseball cards ever. On Wednesday, memorabilia expert Joe... More »

Experts Confirm Violin Played on Deck of Titanic

Bandmaster was performing 'Nearer, My God, to Thee'

(Newser) - A salt-stained violin that sank with the Titanic a century ago may soon come up for auction, the New York Post reports. Experts have authenticated the instrument, and say that bandmaster Wallace Hartley played it in the ship's final moments as he led his eight-member group in performing "... More »

Auschwitz Sign Stolen for Nazi Collectors

Alleged culprits weren't Nazis, they were just 'ordinary thieves'

(Newser) - The five men arrested for stealing Auschwitz’s infamous sign aren’t neo-Nazis, they’re just "ordinary thieves" who were working for memorabilia collectors, police say. “There is a huge market on the internet for this kind of stuff,” said one expert in Holocaust studies. “Many... More »

Tight Times Force Sentimental Sell-Offs

But many make far less than they'd hoped from collectibles

(Newser) - With money tight, many are seeking to part with collectibles they’d hoped to hold onto—and reaping smaller rewards than they’d expected, the Chicago Tribune reports. “I wanted my daughter to have some sort of family heirloom. It can’t be that way right now,” said... More »

Collectors Hunt for Obamabilia Treasures

Experts struggle to pick future keepers from sea of merchandise

(Newser) - Collectors are sifting through a sea of Barack Obama memorabilia searching for items that will be the gems of the future instead of tomorrow's junk, the Washington Post reports. Vast quantities of knick-knacks, ranging from dancing presidential dolls to Obama mints, have left even experts stumped about what to buy.... More »

Olympic Collectors Go for Gold

Medals, torches, and sweaty uniforms fetch top dollar

(Newser) - The 2008 Olympics have barely begun and collectors are already jockeying for possession of Beijing memorabilia. But serious shoppers are bypassing the hundreds of official knickknacks, hoping instead to score big-ticket items such as medals and sweaty uniforms, Portfolio reports. It's serious business: A gold medal from the 1904 Games... More »

DEA Bust Yields Trove of Rare Baseball Cards

Agency now holds $280K worth of vintage Ty Cobbs, others

(Newser) - Long accustomed to confiscating snazzy cars and jewelry from those who run afoul of the law, the DEA found itself in possession of something a little more unusual when it nabbed a Tennessee doctor who was dispensing fraudulent prescriptions—an impressive collection of baseball cards worth $280,000. The doc... More »

'Jenny' Stamp Sells for $825K

Prized misprint may be most famous collectible stamp

(Newser) - An inverted "Jenny stamp," one of philately's most sought-after collectibles, just sold to a private collector for $825,000, slightly less than a record price. The stamp is a 1918 misprint, which shows a Curtis JN-4 (Jenny) biplane flying upside-down. Only 100 were printed. The buyer is a... More »

Fate of Ball No. 756 Put to Vote

America to decide: Donate to Hall of Fame, brand with an asterisk, or launch into space?

(Newser) - Designer and prankster Marc Ecko successfully bid over $750,000 for Barry Bonds' record-breaking home-run ball. Now he's ready to get rid of it, and told Today's Matt Lauer that America will decide how: donate it to the Baseball Hall of Fame, give it to the Hall of Fame with... More »

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