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Looks Like Meg Whitman Bought Off Mike Murphy

(Newser) - Political consultant Mike Murphy has been much sought-after by candidates vying to succeed Arnold Schwarzenegger—including both Meg Whitman and her opponent in the GOP primary, Steve Poizner. So it's curious that Whitman's financial disclosure report for 2009 recorded an investment of more than $1 million in Tools Down!, a... More »

Competing Ambitions Split Camp McCain

Once again, his campaign is riven by squabbling factions

(Newser) - John McCain inspires an uncommon degree of loyalty among the advisers and strategists who've served on his campaigns. But they are less charitable toward each other, writes Adam Nagourney in the New York Times. McCain's 2008 campaign is riven by longstanding feuds and conflicting spheres of influence—a problem compounded... More »

The Man, and the Message, McCain's Been Missing

Enter '00 mastermind Mike Murphy

(Newser) - Mike Murphy, the irreverent mastermind behind John McCain’s 2000 presidential bid, is poised to swoop in and rescue his stalled 2008 effort, writes William Kristol in the New York Times. Murphy sat out the primaries because he was close to both Romney and McCain, but with McCain’s machine... More »

3 Stories