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Congress' Most Endangered Incumbents

Unpopular President Obama could hurt Democrats

(Newser) - The congressional midterm elections are coming, meaning it's time to mine the tea leaves for potential losers. So, who might be facing the music come November? Of the Senate's 10 most vulnerable, nine are Democrats, according to Roll Call . A sampling from its list:
  • Mary Landrieu—An oddball
... More »

Incumbent Ads Avoid 'C' Word

(Meaning 'Congress' of course)

(Newser) - Lawmakers running for reelection this year have been carefully avoiding some loaded words—like "Congress," "representative," and "senator," the Washington Post observes. With Congress' approval rating standing at just 17% (hey, it's been worse ), lawmakers are eager to distance themselves from the... More »

Establishment in Trouble? A Definite Maybe

Good luck finding a pattern in last night's tea leaves

(Newser) - Pundits looking to wrap up last night's election results in a tidy little bow got thrown for a loop, writes Dan Balz in the Washington Post . The establishment vs. outsiders theme yielded at best a "mixed verdict." John McCain proved an establishment figure can prevail, while Lisa Murkowski's... More »

Support for Incumbents Dips to All-Time Low

...but half the population hates the Tea Party, new poll shows

(Newser) - It’s a bad time to be an incumbent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good time to be allied with a far-right protest movement. In a new Washington Post-ABC News poll , only 29% of Americans say they plan to vote for their current House representative in... More »

Arlen Specter's in Trouble, for Good Reason

He's a man of two parties amid anti-incumbent fever

(Newser) - Arlen Specter is in a dogfight to keep his Senate seat—the latest poll has fellow Democrat Joe Sestak up 9 points, notes USA Today —and no wonder. The Republican-turned-Democrat looks "like an incumbent of two parties in a year when it’s better to be an incumbent... More »

Tea Party Fervor Ousts Utah Senator Bob Bennett

Incumbent loses GOP nod amid anti-incumbent mood

(Newser) - The first incumbent goes down: Utah Senator Bob Bennett lost his bid for the Republican nomination today amid fierce anti-Washington sentiment, reports the Salt Lake Tribune . The 18-year incumbent lost his chance to run for a fourth term to a conservative candidate backed by the Tea Party, Mike Lee, and... More »

Incumbents Win North Carolina, Ohio Primaries

So much for anti-Establishment fever?

(Newser) - Wait, wasn't this supposed to be the year of anti-Washington anger run amok? You wouldn't know it to look at last night's primary results: Incumbents won across the board in North Carolina and Ohio, while Indiana Republicans picked Washington veteran Dan Coats. Turnout was especially light in Ohio and North... More »

70% of Voters Want Incumbents Out

Country approaches midterm elections in sour mood

(Newser) - Right, left, and center, voters are unhappy: A new poll shows Americans heading into the midterm elections in the most anti-incumbent mood since 1994, with less than a third of voters leaning toward backing their current representatives in November. "I'm not really happy right now with anybody," one... More »

Anti-Incumbent Fever Could Take Down GOP's Bennett

It's not just a problem for Democrats this year

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Bob Bennett—darling of the NRA and grandson of a Mormon Church president—suddenly may not be conservative enough for ultraconservative Utah. Bennett could become the first 2010 election casualty among incumbent US senators if he fails to win at least 40% of the 3,500 delegates at... More »

Obama Still a Safe Bet to Win Re-Election

Don't let the midterms or his ups and downs fool you

(Newser) - Much hay has been made over President Obama’s supposed vulnerability in 2012, Mark Halperin writes, but when you look at his probable challengers and his formidable political skills, his prospects seem positively rosy. Two legit Republican contenders exist at the moment: Mitt Romney “remains unexpectedly unfamiliar” (Halperin says... More »

Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln Draws Primary Challenge

Lt. Gov. Bill Halter takes on conservative Dem

(Newser) - Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter officially announced that he’s running for Senate this morning, putting him on a collision course with Democratic incumbent Blanche Lincoln. Halter leans further left than the conservative Lincoln, and several progressive groups, including, the Daily Kos, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee,... More »

52% Think Obama Doesn't Deserve 2nd Term

Support even weaker for Congress, with 34% liking most incumbents

(Newser) - Lucky for Obama he's not up for reelection this year: 52% of Americans polled by CNN recently don't think the president deserves a second term, with just 44% saying he does. The anti-incumbent sentiment burns even brighter when it comes to Congress, with just 34% of those polled saying that... More »

Democrats Will Keep the Senate

Republicans have seats of their own to defend

(Newser) - Republicans are probably going to gain ground in 2010, but oddsmakers giving them a 30% chance to retake the Senate are crazy, according to Nate Silver. Sure, you can see the scenario in which the Republicans could gain the 10 seats they need—they’re favored to pick up Democratic... More »

GOP Has Decent Chance of Taking the House

2010 shaping up to be a wave election

(Newser) - Win or lose, Scott Brown’s Massachusetts race proves that all bets are off for November’s elections, which could see a wave so powerful that Republicans take control of the House. Though conventional wisdom holds that Democrats will lose seats but keep the helm, Sean Trende of RealClearPolitics figures... More »

Colorado Gov. Ritter Retiring

Democrat to step down at end of first term

(Newser) - Colorado's Democratic governor won't be running for re-election this fall, sources tell the AP. Bill Ritter was elected for his first term in 2006 in a pivotal swing-voting state and has been widely considered a rising star in the Democratic Party. Ritter has called a press conference today to announce... More »

NJ Gov Hopeful Runs Afoul of Monty Python

Troupe threatens to sue Republican over pirated video footage

(Newser) - Republican Chris Christie holds a razor-thin lead over incumbent Jon Corzine in the New Jersey governor's race, and now he has five more potential opponents—the members of Monty Python, who are considering suing the former US Attorney for violating their copyright. An online ad the campaign swiftly yanked from... More »

In 2012, GOP Goes With Heart (Palin) Over Head (Romney)

Who knows, maybe her star power will make her the next Reagan

(Newser) - No matter what kind of gains Republicans make in the midterm elections next year, it’s going to be tough to unseat President Obama—and that’s why the GOP is going to choose Sarah Palin, its heart’s preferred candidate, over Mitt Romney, its head’s favorite. Or as... More »

Why the Dems Will Hold Congress in 2010

Incumbency, early preparation make 1994 redux unlikely

(Newser) - The last time a young Democrat became president, an angry debate over health care preceded a disastrous midterm election, costing the party control of both the House and the Senate. Yet it's too soon to make the easy comparison between 1994 and 2010, writes Wall Street Journal analyst Jerry Seib.... More »

Pa., NY Dems Ignore Obama, Ready Senate Primary Bids

Renegades take aim at Specter, Gillibrand

(Newser) - Two House Democrats look ready to stage Senate primary challenges in 2010—even if the White House doesn’t like it, Politico reports. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania says a presidential intervention wouldn’t change his mind about a run against Arlen Specter; New York’s Carolyn Maloney is “way... More »

Bloggers, Unions Team Up to Push Dems to the Left

Liberal coalition will fund competition for centrist incumbents

(Newser) - A new political action committee backed by liberal bloggers and labor unions aims to push the Obama administration and Democratic establishment to embrace more progressive politics, the New York Times reports. Called “Accountability Now” the group will recruit and promote liberal candidates to challenge centrists in Congress. Their goal... More »

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