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Bourdain's Will May Not Have Told Full Story

Celeb set up a private trust, in addition to the $1.2M in his will, reports TMZ

(Newser) - He was a TV host recognized around the world, not to mention a best-selling author and chef. So why did Anthony Bourdain's will show that he left behind $1.2 million , a figure in the mere-mortal range? TMZ might have the answer: The website reports that the will suggests... More »

Alan Thicke's Sons: Wife Threatening Us for More Money

They say Tanya Callau has threatened bad publicity

(Newser) - Alan Thicke's kids are fighting with his third wife over the late actor's estate. Robin Thicke and brother Brennan, the oldest of Thicke's three sons, say that Tanya Callau—who wed Thicke in 2005—is threatening them with bad publicity unless they give her more of Thicke'... More »

By 6 or 7, Kids Learn How to Lie and Distrust

Lying comes before distrust, researchers find

(Newser) - Kids are capable of thinking strategically, including using competitiveness and lies to their own benefit, by the time they're 7. So report researchers out of the University of Minnesota who studied 69 kids ages 3 to 9 playing two games. Kids typically figure out how to infer what others... More »

Embarrassment Helps Gain Trust

Humiliation may show you're 'prosocial': researchers

(Newser) - It may not feel great in the moment, but embarrassment may actually work to your benefit, a study shows. The emotion may be linked to being "prosocial," or focused on helping others, researchers say. They asked more than 1,000 participants to remember embarrassing moments while being videotaped.... More »

Testosterone Makes Women Paranoid

Researchers assume evolution made men less trusting

(Newser) - Taking testosterone makes women less trusting, according to a new study. Researchers took a group of 24 women, showed them images of strangers' faces, and asked them to rate their trustworthiness from -100 to +100. Half were then given testosterone, which made their rankings fall an average 10 points, while... More »

Fox Most Trusted Network: Poll

CNN ranks second, as Americans favor outlets they agree with

(Newser) - Americans consider Fox the most trusted name in news broadcasting, a poll released yesterday found. Some 49% of the 1151 registered voters surveyed by PPP said they trusted the network's news coverage, 10% ahead of CNN. Fox also recorded the lowest level of distrust, 37%. The major networks fared the... More »

In Estate Planning, Take a Lesson From MJ

He knew what he was doing—and we should follow his example

(Newser) - Michael Jackson wasn't known for his financial prudence, but he got one thing right: his estate planning, writes Jane Bennett Clark for Kiplinger. Here’s how to follow his good example:
  • Write a will: Two-thirds of Americans don’t. Jackson’s is concrete: His kids get 40% of his
... More »

Where Bernie's Headed: Dante's Ninth Circle

Hell's worst area is frozen land ruled by Satan

(Newser) - If 150 years in prison seems like meager penance for Bernie Madoff, consider where he would go in Dante's Inferno: the Ninth Circle of Hell. There, the world's worst sinners—betrayers—freeze in an iceworld kept cool by Satan himself. "Betrayal destroys the trust that binds humanity, and... More »

Obama: I Must 'Earn the Trust' of US Military

Questions provisions for troops, use of civilian contractors

(Newser) - Because he hasn't served in the military, Barack Obama says, “I have to earn the trust of men and women in uniform.” In a wide-ranging interview with Military Times, the presumptive Democratic nominee vowed to raise pay and improve health care for service members, promised he would not... More »

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