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After Dog Attack Kills Woman, Montreal Bans Pit Bulls

Even though officials aren't sure the dog was a pit bull

(Newser) - Starting Monday, residents of Montreal will no longer be allowed to own pit bulls "or pit bull-type dogs," the CBC reports. The controversial ban was put in place Tuesday by the city council, three months after a 55-year-old Montreal woman was killed by a neighbor's dog that... More »

City Demands Man Banish Newly Adopted Dog

Cops say Diggy is an illegal pit bull; shelter (and others) say he's a bulldog

(Newser) - Dan Tillery was so excited to adopt his pup, Diggy (nee Sir Wiggleton), who had spent 100 days in a Detroit shelter, that they made a music video and took a beaming photo together that went viral on social media. "We know this photo is going to break the... More »

Puppy Saved in Fire May Help Sniff Out Arsons

He suffered burns over 75% of his body in June

(Newser) - Black smoke was filling a burning shed in Charleston, SC, last June when firefighter William Lindler spotted a badly burned puppy within. Less than a year later, that puppy is now an honorary firefighter and the official mascot of the Hanahan Fire Department. After the 3-week-old pit bull, Jake, was... More »

Boy Left Home Alone Killed by Sister's Pit Bulls

Foster child was visiting half-sister over the weekend

(Newser) - Tyler Trammell-Huston was living with a foster family in California, but his only Christmas wish "was to have a mom. I so badly wanted to be that person for him," says his half-sister, Alexandria Griffin-Heady. Then tragedy struck: While the 9-year-old was visiting Griffin-Heady in Yuba County over... More »

Woman's Death Ruled Suicide by Pit Bull

But details of Rebecca Hardy's death are still murky

(Newser) - Rebecca Hardy jumped a fence and entered a backyard on Thursday in Port Huron, Mich., where she was mauled by two dogs and later died. It's been a mystery why the 22-year-old entered the yard, but the Oakland County Medical Examiner's office has now ruled her death a... More »

Family: Town Plans to Take, Kill Our Pit Bull

Moreauville family says Zeus is therapeutic, but he risks being put down

(Newser) - One family in Moreauville, La., says its beloved dog has never bitten or attacked anyone. In fact, the family with six children calls Zeus something of a therapy dog for daughter O'Hara Owens, who is in a wheelchair and suffers from severe neck problems that also have her in... More »

Pit Bull Saves Deaf Teen From Burning Home

Ace is the toast of Indianapolis

(Newser) - Indianapolis has a new hero, but not the kind that wears a cape. This one has four legs and an affinity for bacon. Ace, a 2-year-old pit bull, woke up his deaf teenage owner by licking his face to alert him the house was on fire, say fire officials and... More »

The Obamas Should Have Adopted a Pit Bull Instead

Breed has become a symbol of racial segregation, poverty: Emily Nusser

(Newser) - The Obamas just adopted a pretty new Portuguese water dog . But if the first family really wanted to make a statement, they should have adopted a pit bull from the pound instead, writes Susan Nusser at Salon . Pit bulls are "resilient, unpretentious, and a little gritty," she says.... More »

Owner of Killer Pit Bulls Charged With Murder

Calif. victim died of up to 200 puncture wounds

(Newser) - The owner of a pack of pit bulls that mauled a 63-year-old woman to death this month has been charged with murder, in a case that has rocked the town of Littlerock, California. Alex Jackson, 29, was yesterday charged in the death of Pamela Devitt, who died after suffering as... More »

Rapper's Home Video Leads to Animal Rescue in Detroit

Young Calicoe allegedly boasts of fighting dogs, roosters

(Newser) - Detroit police today confiscated animals that might have been used in dogfighting and cockfighting rings. The authorities moved after a local rapper known as Young Calicoe allegedly made a video showing off the "zoo" behind a city home. The video shows chained-up pit bulls and caged roosters, reports the... More »

Maryland: Pit Bulls 'Inherently Dangerous'

Appeals court ruling a legal boost for victims of attacks

(Newser) - If you've been attacked by a pit bull and want to sue, you'll have a leg up if you happen to live in Maryland. The Maryland Court of Appeals has ruled that pit bulls are an "inherently dangerous" breed, a ruling that deems Maryland owners completely accountable... More »

Pit Bull Survives Shot in Head After Saving Owner

Staten Island pooch helps scare off home invader

(Newser) - A courageous dog saved the day in Staten Island when he helped scare off a home invader and survived a bullet to the head, reports the New York Post . The drama began when a burglar disguised as a FedEx deliveryman tried to break into Justin Becker's apartment. Becker threw... More »

California Pit Bulls Kill 42 Goats

Pack attacks corralled animals

(Newser) - Three of four pit bulls that slaughtered 42 goats in Southern California have been captured. "It appears that the pack mentality set in," a spokesman for the LA County Department of Animal Care and Control. "They just fed off one another's energy and mischievous behavior."... More »

Supreme Court Voids Ban on Animal Cruelty Videos

Aimed at crush videos, law too broad, says majority

(Newser) - The Supreme Court struck down a federal law today aimed at banning videos that show graphic violence against animals, saying it violates the right to free speech. The justices, voting 8-1, threw out the criminal conviction of Robert Stevens of Pittsville, Va., who was sentenced to three years in prison... More »

Danish Lawmaker: Kill All Mutts

(Newser) - A rash of attacks by aggressive dogs in Denmark has lawmakers considering a ban on breeds such as pit bulls and mastiffs. But one member of parliament—a veterinarian, no less—has raised a stink by proposing a far more radical solution, reports the Economist. He wants to kill all... More »

Texas Sting Reveals Dogfighting Underworld

Undercover cops bust vast fighting ring; seize 190 dogs

(Newser) - Two undercover Texas cops infiltrated and brought down a dogfighting ring that appears to be part of an underground network that spans several states and has ties to Mexico. Dogfighting, recently upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony in Texas, is "like the Saturday night poker game for hardened... More »

In LA, Chihuahuas Are Hot Dogs

'Lucky' the most common name

(Newser) - At least 1,262 Chihuahuas named “Princess” live in Los Angeles. That priceless pearl of wisdom comes from “LA’s Top Dogs,” a new searchable LA Times database of every registered canine. Only half the city’s dogs are legally registered, but of that population, Chihuahuas are... More »

Michael Vick's Pit Bulls Get Second Chance

Spared euthanasia, abused dogs succeed in foster care, rehab

(Newser) - The pit bulls rescued from disgraced NFL star Michael Vick's underground fighting ring are getting a rare second chance, the Washington Post reports. A federal judge ordered each dog evaluated individually and fined Vick $1 million for their care. Now, 25 of the 49 dogs have been adopted into foster... More »

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