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Track Star May Have to Lower Testosterone Levels

New IAAF rules could affect whether South Africa's Caster Semenya can compete

(Newser) - If Caster Semenya wants to compete in certain women's Olympic and world championship events, the South African track star will have to start undergoing hormone replacement therapy or otherwise find a way to lower her hormone levels, per new rules from the International Association of Athletics Federations. CNN reports... More »

For Those With Psychological Sex Problems, Potential Relief

Kisspeptin is now being explored as a way to help couples struggling to conceive

(Newser) - Kisspeptin, a naturally occurring hormone that kicks off puberty and is thought to fuel what the Telegraph describes as the "voracious sexual appetites of young people," could well be a sort of "mental Viagra" for people with psychosexual disorders—that is, disorders that are psychological as opposed... More »

Scientists Find Hormone That Reduces Sugar Cravings

This could be good news for people with obesity or diabetes

(Newser) - The days of uncontrollably binging on leftover Christmas goodies may be numbered. The Telegraph reports researchers have figured out a hormone produced in the liver that reduces the desire to eat sugar. Fibroblast growth factor 21—or FGF21—is produced when carbohydrate levels in the body get too high and... More »

'Man Boob' Surgery Surges

Number of British men seeking the procedure doubles in 5 years

(Newser) - Dude looks like a lady no more. More men are seeking breast reduction surgery to treat gynecomastia, which causes the dreaded "man boobs," reports the BBC . Statistics from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons show that 790 men in the UK underwent the procedure last year, double... More »

Look Out, Viagra: Testosterone Drugs Gain Popularity

But doctors worry they'll be dangerously overused

(Newser) - New drugs designed in part to save the sex lives of aging men could become the biggest thing since Viagra, reports Bloomberg . The problem is that the testosterone boosters from Eli Lilly and Abbott are becoming so popular that doctors worry men who don't need them for strictly medical... More »

Hormone Find Could Yield 'Exercise Pill'

Irisin sends messages from muscle cells to fat cells

(Newser) - In research that may alarm gym owners, scientists have found a hormone responsible for many of exercise's health benefits. The newly discovered hormone—named "irisin" after the Greek messenger goddess Iris—turns ordinary white fat cells into energy-burning brown fat, and helps ward off diabetes by improving glucose... More »

Babies Cut Dads' Testosterone

That makes men better parents, researchers believe

(Newser) - Who knew newborns could have such a significant physical impact on their dads' bodies? Scientists have discovered that fathers experience a significant reduction in their body's testosterone with the birth of a son or daughter. They believe it's Mother Nature's way of making men less interested in... More »

'Hormone Case' Guys Not Fit for Politics

They can't power penis and brain at same time, notes Robin Williams

(Newser) - Get a grip, fellas. Obviously, many of you have runaway hormone issues that make it impossible for you to behave responsibly in public office. Yet popular culture has always insisted that "women can't be be trusted in positions of power because their judgment might be addled by raging... More »

BPA-Free Plastics Leach Hormone-Like Chemicals

More than 70% of tested plastics released chemicals: study

(Newser) - More bad health news on the plastics front. Even BPA-free plastic products can leach a chemical that acts like the sex hormone estrogen, according to new research. The researchers bought hundreds of plastic products from stores like Wal-Mart and Whole Foods, focusing on products that come in contact with food,... More »

Warm and Fuzzy Oxytocin Has Its Limits

Hormone fuels good vibes but only towards 'in' group

(Newser) - Oxytocin is a hormone most commonly associated with the close feelings of trust and companionship that lovers and family members feel. But the chemical may have a dark side: new research shows there are limits to the affection it can stimulate, the New York Times reports. Experiments by University of... More »

What Women Want: Oxytocin

Happier women have higher levels of the hormone, study finds

(Newser) - If you've ever found yourself wondering what in the world women really want, scientists have an answer for you: oxytocin . The hormone, which has previously been shown to boost good feelings like trust and empathy, makes women happier, according to new research out of California. Scientists studied oxytocin levels in... More »

Hormone Pills Boost Breast Cancer Risks

Post-menopausal treatments make cancer more deadly

(Newser) - Women who take hormone treatments after menopause are not only more likely to get cancer, but more likely to die from it, according to a new study. Doctors already knew that certain hormone pills increased the risk of cancer, but the study, which followed 12,788 women, found that the... More »

Cure for the Common Nerd: Nasal Spray

A spritz of oxytocin transforms awkward wall flowers in experiment

(Newser) - A blast of oxytocin nasal spray can turn a nerd into a potential playa—but only if a guy is "socially awkward" to begin with, scientists have found. Researchers discovered that the chemical—know as the "love hormone" for its ability to increase empathy and bonding, particularly between... More »

Parents Struggle to Raise Kids Born Without Fear

Sufferers of Williams syndrome trust everyone

(Newser) - Imagine if your child trusted everyone, unconditionally. It sounds like fiction, but for parents of children with Williams syndrome, it can be a nightmare that demands eternal vigilance against a dangerous world. NPR profiles one family with a 9-year-old daughter, Isabelle, who has Williams and consequently feels no social fear.... More »

Pregnancy Boosts Awareness of Bad Vibes

Researchers say finding fits with protective evolutionary adaptation

(Newser) - Women get wiser to the emotional states of upset and angry people around them as their pregnancies progress, perhaps as a way for mothers-to-be to recognize threats. A study asked women to identify the emotions of people in a set of photographs in their first trimester and again near the... More »

Appetite-Control Hormone May Cut Alzheimer's Risk

High leptin levels linked to lower rates of disease

(Newser) - High levels of a hormone that regulates appetite has been linked to a much lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in new research. Scientists probing the connection between obesity and Alzheimer's found that out of the 198 volunteers studied, those with the highest levels of leptin were four times less... More »

Obesity Growing as Cancer Risk for Women

(Newser) - Being fat could become the leading cause of cancer in women in Western countries in the coming years, say European researchers. Being overweight or obese accounts for up to 8% of cancers in Europe. That figure is poised to increase substantially as the obesity epidemic continues, and as major causes... More »

Nighttime Snacks Worse Than We Thought

Mouse study shows weight gain more than doubles on opposite schedule

(Newser) - Eating when you should be sleeping—the proverbial midnight snack, say, or the meals of night-shift workers—could put you at higher risk of obesity, Time reports. A new study fed two groups of mice the same high-fat diet on opposite schedules; the group that ate during “normal” waking... More »

Pill May Slash Body Weight By a Quarter

Combination of hormones has a potent effect on mice

(Newser) - A drug that cut the body weight of mice by 25% is raising hopes for humans, the Daily Telegraph reports. The rodents lost 42% of their fat mass after a week, with even more powerful effects seen over a month. The pill combines hormones that have been found to weaken... More »

Migraine Sufferers Have Lower Breast Cancer Risk

(Newser) - Finally, some good news for migraine sufferers: Those awful headaches come with a reduced risk of breast cancer, according to a new study. The researchers aren’t sure why that would be the case, but they suspect a connection with estrogen and other hormones. “It’s pretty clear... More »

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