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We Must Not Ignore This Photo

Though some are 'disgusted,' witnessing the 'Falling Man' is vital, author says

(Newser) - The “Falling Man” photo reproduced worldwide has disappeared from respectable media, Tom Junod writes in Esquire, but to avert our eyes is to pretend the horrific choices made Sept. 11, 2001, don’t exist. “We have somehow taken it upon ourselves to deem their deaths unworthy of witness,... More »

Golden Gate Guardians Study Suicide Barriers

But agency doesn't have the tens of millions the fixes would cost

(Newser) - The Golden Gate Bridge is an increasingly popular spot for suicides, but officials are divided over erecting unsightly barriers that might have discouraged the 35 who killed themselves there last year. The Los Angeles Times reports the agency that maintains the bridge is now studying five designs but doesn't have... More »

2 Stories