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The Simpsons Cable Rights Fetch Up to $1B

...Though the money's essentially moving from one part of Fox to another

(Newser) - Homer and company are officially rolling in d'oh. After 24 seasons, the animated comedy is finally coming to cable, in what Deadline is calling the "priciest off-network pact ever." FXX will pay at least $750 million, and possibly as much as $1 billion, to acquire exclusive rights... More »

Judge Judy Rakes In More Than You Think

TV judge works 5 days a month, makes $865K per day

(Newser) - Law pays well, but syndicated TV pays better—way, way better. Judge Judy works only five days per month, but makes $45 million per year, which translates to $865,000 per work day, according to a New York Times interview with the feisty daytime TV icon. Her big haul is... More »

Radio Host Stephanie Miller Comes Out

Country star Chely Wright 'gets a toaster oven for recruiting me'

(Newser) - Syndicated radio host Stephanie Miller came out on this morning's show, crediting country singer Chely Wright with encouraging her to go public. Miller, a longtime advocate for gay rights who had been out to family and friends, has an interesting background, Edge notes : Her dad was Barry Goldwater's running mate... More »

Little Orphan Annie Bows Out, Mysteriously

Comic strips ends 85-year run 'for now'

(Newser) - After 85 years of adventures, Little Orphan Annie made her final appearance in the funny papers today, and she left behind a cliffhanger. The last panel of the strip consists of a yellow background with black lettering reading "And this is where we leave our Annie. For now—"... More »

Doc Administers 'Urine Facial'

Syndicated show takes a turn for the stomach-turning

(Newser) - The syndicated show The Doctors trotted out a couple of containers of urine today, grossing out the audience even as it instructed them in the miracle substance's many uses. Despite what TV Squad says , it's not clear that the panelist dealt a beaker full of a fellow doc's pee actually... More »

Groundbreaking Monk Solves Final Case

Show legitimized basic cable, ushering in golden age

(Newser) - Viewers will get their last taste of quirky detective Adrian Monk tonight, as the revolutionary USA show that bears his name airs its last episode. The content was never particularly groundbreaking—“Monk is very old-school,” its creator tells the Los Angeles Times . “It's a real throwback”—... More »

Oprah Sets Date for Cable Launch, Show Move

Discovery Channel to media mogul: 'Move it or lose it'

(Newser) - The long-awaited launch of Oprah's cable network is set for early 2011, and her syndicated talk show will move to the new Oprah Winfrey Network—and from Chicago to Los Angeles. The switch from Discovery Health Channel to OWN was originally set for mid-2009, and Discovery threatened to rescind the... More »

Tina Talks Emmys, Jay, and Sarah...Sorta

(Newser) - As if its record 22 Emmy nominations weren’t enough, 30 Rock also recently landed a syndication deal. Tina Fey talks success—and Sarah Palin—with Broadcasting & Cable:
  • On possibly hosting the Emmys: "No, I think it's a hard job and a thankless one. I think maybe it's
... More »

Original Trek Still The Best

(Newser) - It’s been a long time since James Kirk set out on his 5-year mission, and those early voyages may look cheesy, low-budget, or even sexist now. But “the original Star Trek still has a passion and vitality,” writes Andrew O’Hehir of Salon. “It stands out,... More »

McCarthy Joins Oprah's Media Stable

(Newser) - Jenny McCarthy has signed on with Oprah Winfrey’s production company in a deal that includes a syndicated talk show, according to the Hollywood Reporter. McCarthy’s first outing with Harpo is a blog, which launched Friday on McCarthy has appeared multiple times on Winfrey’s talk show... More »

Another Shock Jock Gets TV Tryout

Opinionated, even bawdy, Wendy Williams makes no excuses

(Newser) - Wendy Williams, the blunt, compulsively personal, sometimes snarky radio host whose syndicated morning show reaches 12 million people, mostly in New York, is about to debut on TV. Next week, Williams launches an hour morning show on Fox stations in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Detroit, directly competing with... More »

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