Kuwaiti Investment Authority

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Sovereign Funds, Foreign Leaders Sitting Out Bailout

Sovereign wealth funds, foreign leaders say US needs to sort out own mess

(Newser) - Sovereign wealth funds that were eager to snap up US assets earlier this year are staying on the sidelines now, as the US crafts a massive financial rescue plan aimed at breaking up the logjams that have frozen credit markets, the Washington Post reports. Despite pleas from Treasury Secretary Henry... More »

Dow Chemical Drops $15.3B on Rohm & Haas

Deal may signal start of consolidation in chemical industry

(Newser) - In what may be the beginning of a long-anticipated consolidation of the chemical industry, Dow Chemical today said it was buying coatings and electronic-materials company Rohm & Haas in a $15.3 billion all-cash deal, reports the Wall Street Journal. Dow is backed by $3 billion from Warren Buffett's Berkshire... More »

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