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Up for Auction: Queen Elizabeth's Underwear

A steal at an estimate of $9K

(Newser) - You can buy some weird stuff at auctions, but this is arguably the weirdest: a pair of underwear that allegedly belonged to Queen Elizabeth II. "Baron" Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi, a Miami playboy, somehow came into possession of the decidedly unsexy panties more than 40 years ago after the... More »

Scottish Group: Please Wear Underwear Beneath Your Kilt

If you have any 'common sense and decency,' that is

(Newser) - The Scottish Tartans Authority is committed to upholding the country's traditions—but even so, it says the time has come for one particularly "unhygienic" tradition to die. "The idea that you are not a real Scot unless you are bare under your kilt should be thrown into the... More »

Crime Trend: Secret Pocket Undies

'Stashitwear' shocks New York police

(Newser) - Need a place to stash your wallet, keys, cell phone...or perhaps some illegal drugs? Try " Stashitwear ," the underwear with secret pockets for all your valuables. The handy idea is perhaps a bit too handy for drug dealers, who apparently use Stashitwear and similar products to hide drugs... More »

Granny Panties Are Back

Sales of large underwear on the rise

(Newser) - In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense: Big butts are trendy , so why not big panties? Yes, the thong is out , and granny panties are in, reports the Daily Mail . We can thank Mad Men and its waist-cinching styles for this new trend toward high-waisted undies—especially the slimming... More »

Sales of 'Big Butt' Panties Soar

Looks like this trend isn't going anywhere

(Newser) - Perhaps you scoffed when you first read about Booty Pop padded panties , but the line has gone from being hawked on late-night infomercials to Bath & Beyond and Target.com—and nearly 1 million sales are expected this year. It was started by two college friends who read about the... More »

Sorry, Boys: The Thong Is Dead

Yes, that most uncomfortable undergarment is finally out

(Newser) - The G-string has finally, truly peaked—and the end of the intrusive undergarment's reign merited a spread declaring the death of the thong in that bible of women’s magazines, Cosmopolitan. “The glory days of that skimpy, silky triangle of fabric—coveted by exhibitionists, praised by poets (well, Sisqo... More »

Lefties Finally Get Their Undies

Thanks to one genius store in Britain, left-handed men will no longer suffer at the urinal

(Newser) - Male lefties of the world have long suffered inconvenience and embarrassment at the urinal, thanks to their underwear. One British store is making up for the indignity with a new line of undies featuring a horizontal, rather than vertical, opening—giving Britain’s lefties an alternative to boxer shorts, Reuters... More »

M&M's Maker Countersues Naked Cowboy

NYC tourist fave can't own topless look, company says

(Newser) - The maker of M&M's isn’t sitting still while the Naked Cowboy tries to serenade his way into its corporate pocketbook, the New York Post reports. Yesterday Mars Inc. fired a copyright-infringement suit at the musical cowpoke, a fixture at Times Square who had sued Mars, saying the company... More »

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