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Garden Yield Too Much? LA Eatery Will Take It

Forage won't let fruit and veggies go to waste

(Newser) - Ever felt guilty about not using all the bounty you’ve grown in your home garden? Well, if you’re in Los Angeles, now you don’t have to toss it. Just-opened (to say nothing of aptly named) Forage will take it, and use the fruits and vegetables on its... More »

9 Ways to Go Green and Save Green

(Newser) - Being sensitive to the environment doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact, the green option is often the most cost-effective one. Scientific American spotlights nine ways of cutting your bills as you save the Earth:
  • Shrink your living space. Prefab homes and plans for dwellings as small as 65
... More »

Greenies Shudder as Big Biz Embraces EcoTravel

Environmental groups hammer out standard for 'sustainable living'

(Newser) - Ecofriendly travelers once camped outdoors and foraged for food, but today a hotel in Times Square can claim it's as green as a lodge in the Costa Rican rain forest, Anna Kuchment writes in Newsweek. In other words, eco-vacationing has gone big business, and environmental advocates fear the notion is... More »

3 Stories