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Stonehenge, Machu Picchu Among 'Threatened Wonders'

How tourists damage eight of the wonders they love most

(Newser) - From the litter strewn around Machu Picchu to the noisy highway junction next to Stonehenge, mass tourism and misguided development have many of the world's most famous travel destinations looking worse for the wear. Wanderlust magazine reports on the top eight threatened wonders, what can be done to help them,... More »

Greenies Shudder as Big Biz Embraces EcoTravel

Environmental groups hammer out standard for 'sustainable living'

(Newser) - Ecofriendly travelers once camped outdoors and foraged for food, but today a hotel in Times Square can claim it's as green as a lodge in the Costa Rican rain forest, Anna Kuchment writes in Newsweek. In other words, eco-vacationing has gone big business, and environmental advocates fear the notion is... More »

2 Stories