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Artist Ends Attempt to Free Himself From Marble

Mikes Poppe worked at it for 19 days with hammer and chisel

(Newser) - For 19 days, Belgian artist Mikes Poppe chiseled away at a massive block of marble. Occasionally, he'd take breaks, walking a few feet away to a small toilet, a mattress on the floor, or to a desk where he'd sit and draw or have a meal. But he'... More »

Giant Hitler Head Pops Up in Polish Garden

This one's made of marble and stands 20 inches high

(Newser) - It was just another day of typical garden work at a Polish museum when a worker's shovel clanked against something hard buried in the ground. The find: a 20-inch-high marble sculpture of the head of one Adolf Hitler, AFP reports. "Somebody made an effort to properly hide it,... More »

1,200 Games Later, America Has New Marbles Champs

Emily Cavacini wins for the girls, Cooper Fisher for the boys

(Newser) - Yesterday saw the completion of the 90th National Marbles Tournament, and America has crowned two new winners. Emily Cavacini, 11, who hails from outside Pittsburgh, took home the title of girls' champion, while Cooper Fisher, 12, from Middletown Valley, Maryland, beat out the other boys, reports the AP . It was... More »

Taliban Use Marble Business to Fund Fighting

Takeover of Pakistani quarry shows group's growing power

(Newser) - One of Pakistan's most prized national assets is a marble quarry that sat shuttered by government deadlock and tribal squabbles until the Taliban took over the site by force. Now, as gleaming white stone rolls out of the quarry, the New York Times sneaks into the region to discover how... More »

4 Stories