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Banksy's Latest Stunt Could Bring Election Legal Woes

Artist says he'll send free print to anyone who proves they didn't vote Tory in UK election

(Newser) - The UK's general election is set for June 8 , and the conservative Tories continue to lead in the polls , to varying degrees. One Bristol native, however, is hoping voters cast a ballot for anyone but, and his name is making headlines for how he's making that desire known.... More »

Geographic Profiling Backs Theory on Identity of Banksy

Robin Gunningham appears to be artist's real name

(Newser) - His name is Robin Gunningham. That's the finding of British scientists who think they've confirmed the identity of Banksy using geographic profiling, the BBC reports. In the study published in the Journal of Spatial Science (one that was temporarily delayed by the artist's lawyers because he apparently... More »

Banksy's Newest Target: Tear Gas Used on Refugees

London mural takes shot at tactics allegedly used on refugees in France

(Newser) - Two giant sheets of plywood now cover Banksy's latest mural opposite the French embassy in London—though developers of the building it's spray-painted on say they're trying to keep it safe, the BBC reports. Never one to shy away from controversy, the artist borrowed the girl who... More »

France Vows to Protect Banksy's Steve Jobs Migrant Mural

Artist put it up at refugee camp in Calais

(Newser) - Banksy's latest high-profile mural makes a point about the plight of Syrian refugees though the example of Steve Jobs—and authorities in France are making sure the mural sticks around for a while. The artist painted a life-size mural of Jobs, whose biological father was a Syrian native, at... More »

The Unhappiest Place on Earth: Banksy's Dismaland

Artist calls his creation 'a festival of art, amusements, and entry-level anarchism'

(Newser) - Cinderella's carriage has crashed, she and the horses are dead, and the paparazzi are hovering over their bodies, snapping away. That's just one attraction in Dismaland , the new Banksy art show in the English resort town of Weston-super-Mare, the Guardian reports. Nearly 60 artists built what Banksy calls... More »

New Banksy Murals Turn Up in Gaza Strip

Artist also posts satirical travel video

(Newser) - Banksy's new venue is the Gaza Strip. The artist posted a satirical travel video inviting the world to visit Gaza to see all it has to offer, using images of its destruction to make the point, reports the Daily Dot . "The locals like it so much they never... More »

Why Banksy Might Be a Woman

Kriston Capps at Citylab makes her case

(Newser) - An upcoming HBO documentary about the ever-elusive street artist Banksy is worthwhile for fans, but "it doesn't cast a light on who Banksy is or what she looks like," writes Kriston Capps at Citylab . That's right, what she looks like. For a variety of reasons, Capps... More »

Vandal Hits 2 Banksy Pieces in Utah

One is covered in spray paint in Park City, site of Sundance festival

(Newser) - Someone who is apparently not a fan of Banksy spray-painted over one of the artist's works in the Utah city that hosts the Sundance Film Festival, reports the Deseret News . Police in Park City suspect the same vandal tried to deface a second Banksy work but succeeded only in... More »

Banksy's LA Gas Station Art Goes for $209K

Station owner removed section of wall containing piece

(Newser) - In 2008, a Los Angeles gas station owner told some street artists they could paint on his wall; now, the Banksy painting—called "Flower Girl"—has sold at auction for $209,000. The 9-foot by 8-foot image features a child with a flower basket being watched by a... More »

NYT Rejects Banksy Rant on World Trade Center

Graffiti artist rails against 'vanilla' structure

(Newser) - Banksy's not a fan of One World Trade Center, which he calls "vanilla" and a "non-event" in a piece submitted to—and rejected by—the New York Times. "Remarkably for such a tall structure, One World Trade Center lacks any self-confidence," he notes. "It... More »

Fake Banksys Sell Much Better Than the Real Deal

Stand told customers they weren't the genuine article

(Newser) - When the real Banksy set up a humble Central Park stand, selling canvases for $60 each instead of the tens of thousands they were worth, he sold just three paintings. A week later, the not-at-all-genuine article fared much better. Artist, author, and prankster Ken Circelli set up a stand at... More »

Banksy Sells Art Worth $32K ... for $60 Each

Pieces were authentic, but looked fake

(Newser) - Banksy yesterday sold some of his works at a Central Park stand—pieces worth about $32,000 each. The secretive street artist's selling price, however, was decidedly lower: $60 per work. The collection, which was being sold by an elderly man, looked like it was full of fakes, the... More »

Company Pulls Another Banksy Off London Wall

It, too, will go up for auction

(Newser) - One of Banksy's most heralded recent works has been pulled off the north London wall it was originally spray-painted onto. Scaffolding went up around the image this week, and soon it had been broken in three and removed, to the consternation of neighborhood residents, the Guardian reports. The extraction... More »

Banksy Graffiti Taken Off Wall, Sold For $1.1M

Critics say 'Slave Labour' belongs to the community

(Newser) - A Banksy mural taken from a wall in north London was sold for over $1.1 million at a private auction last night. The piece, "Slave Labour," of a young boy sewing Union Jack flags, was sprayed onto the side of a store in 2012. It was removed... More »

Banksy Directs Simpsons Opening Credits

They're 'political', and the funniest thing this show has seen in a while

(Newser) - British guerrilla artist Banksy directed last night’s Simpsons opening titles, and the result was predictably “political,” writes Max Read on Gawker . However, the credits—which spoofed the Chinese factory environment—were also “funnier than anything that's been on The Simpsons in a long time,” he... More »

Art Stolen From Kate Moss Mansion as She Slept

Cops nab man, 24

(Newser) - A $115,000 Banksy portrait and other art work was stolen from model Kate Moss' $10 million London mansion as she and her family slept. A 24-year-old man has been arrested in the theft, though police did not reveal if the art was recovered. Moss, 36, was staying in the... More »

10 Celebs Accused of Animal Abuse

Yes, even the Dog Whisperer made it on the list.

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian is PETA’s latest target, but her crime (holding a kitten by the scruff of the neck) is tame compared to what other celebrities have been accused of. The Frisky rounds up nine more who are in the doghouse with animal rights organizations:
  • Paris Hilton: She has a
... More »

Banksy Film Rocks Sundance

'Exit Through the Gift Shop' is one of the festival's hottest tickets

(Newser) - Partially an insider look at guerrilla art, partially a satire of the art world, Banksy’s film-within-a-film is impossible to categorize—but it’s definitely one of the hottest movies at Sundance. Fans lined up in 15-degree weather for the slim chance of getting into the nightclub-like screening of Exit ... More »

Banksy Strikes Again— With Huge Museum Show

(Newser) - Controversial artist Banksy has mounted a huge show at his hometown Bristol City Museum—but the secretive vandal is nowhere to be seem, the Times of London reports. The exhibition was planned in secret through Banksy’s representatives. “We couldn’t even tell the council and the whole thing... More »

Prince William: I Am Banksy

(Newser) - Is Prince William living a secret double life? Probably not. But he drew laughs at a London gallery by “confessing” that he is Banksy, the mysterious and controversial graffiti artist. Banksy’s art can be found throughout the UK and beyond, but the reclusive artist refuses to be photographed... More »

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