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'Midnight Knitter' Decorates NJ Town

Mysterious crafter decorates West Cape May park

(Newser) - The trees in West Cape May, New Jersey, don't have new leaves yet, but some of them do have knitted coverings that resemble scarves. The cozies appear overnight, and the guerrilla decorator—or decorators—are the talk of the town. "It doesn’t bother me," says one resident... More »

Banksy Film Rocks Sundance

'Exit Through the Gift Shop' is one of the festival's hottest tickets

(Newser) - Partially an insider look at guerrilla art, partially a satire of the art world, Banksy’s film-within-a-film is impossible to categorize—but it’s definitely one of the hottest movies at Sundance. Fans lined up in 15-degree weather for the slim chance of getting into the nightclub-like screening of Exit ... More »

Tab Claims It's ID'd Graffiti Artist Banksy

UK guerrilla tagger turns out to have posh background

(Newser) - An exhaustive investigation has uncovered the carefully guarded identity of guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy, the Mail on Sunday claims. The man whose works are coveted by celebrities and sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars is Robin Gunningham, now 35, who attended a posh private school as the son of... More »

3 Stories